How to check if your Apple iOS device UDID has been compromised by the AntiSec leak

“If you’re worried that you might own one of the 1 million Apple devices that have had their UDIDs leaked by AntiSec, reportedly from a breach of an FBI agent’s laptop, our rockstar tech team has put together a tool to help you check,” Josh Ong reports for TNW

“AntiSec claimed on Tuesday that it had culled 12 million device IDs, along with accompanying personal information, from the FBI in March of this year,” Ong reports. “The hacker group then leaked 1 million of them, saying it had removed some of the identifiable information from the list, while leaving enough for users to see if their device was leaked.”

Ong reports, “To check your device, just input your UDID/UUID into the form and we’ll run it against the database.”

More info and the form to check your UDID the full article here.


    1. I was thinking, FARMing IDs, this is the best way to do it. There doesn’t seem to be a way to securely check if you have been compromised, without compromising yourself.

      They can get 30 million IDs by saying they have 1 million, come check it i out.

  1. Because Google has all that info and shares it with the FBI, CIA etc. in exchange for being able to steal all that private info from dumbasses across the world that us e their FREE “services”.

  2. Just assume, if you have step foot in an air port or public facility and used your cell phone or even Wi-Fi, the FBI will have recorded your UDID and any pertinent information transmitted along with it. How hard is that to believe? Just assume it’s true. I am a nobody, I just assume I have an FBI file an inch thick, and well, so do you, whomever you are.

    1. I’ve spent a lot of time using my iPad and MB Air in airports here and in Europe and am not in the database. (As KenC pointed out, you only need enter an initial segment of your UDID to see if you’re in the database.)

  3. My question is, even if your ID is compromised, what can you do about it besides get a new device?

    You think the government will pay for anything bad that happens? Dream on! At least if a corporation loses data there’s hope (albeit tiny) of getting some help (perhaps in the form of a free membership to a credit monitoring agency).

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