Businessweek: Five products Apple should stop making

“Let’s all agree that Apple makes some rip-roaringly good products. The iPhone, the iPad, and the MacBook Air are all massive successes. And there are ceaseless rumors about the forthcoming iPhone 5,” Sam Grobart writes for Businessweek. “But Apple makes many things, and it stands to reason that some of their products are better than others. The problem for Apple (and it’s a problem many companies would like to have, no doubt) is that when the bar is set so high for the good stuff, the merely adequate starts to look unacceptable.”

“That’s why Apple should consider the Jack Welch approach to product management: Just as the former General Electric chief executive officer would close or sell business units that did not place first or second in their industry, Apple should look at some of the laggards in its product portfolio and ask some hard questions about whether they have a future at the company,” Grobart writes.

Here’s where it could start:
1. Safari: Safari has never cracked 10 percent of browsers in use.
2. Game Center: I’m sorry, but what is this? I just know it as the annoying thing that pops up before I want to play Angry Birds.
3. Pages: For most people, there’s Microsoft Word, and there’s Google Docs. One’s bloated and powerful, the other’s limited but streamlined. Nobody needs another word processing program.
4. Numbers: Numbers is Apple’s challenge to Microsoft’s Excel, but for better or worse, Excel is the standard here.
5. Mission Control/Launchpad/Dashboard: Apple keeps pushing these different ‘views’ of your desktop. Most people know them as the weird screens that pop up when you accidentally move your cursor into a corner of the screen and then have to figure out how to get back to what you were working on.

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take:
1. Smartphone/Tablet Browser Share, August 2012: Safari – 66.43%
2. Just because you don’t know what it is, Sam, doesn’t mean it isn’t useful and fun for those who do.
3. Pages for iPad is the world’s #1 word processor for post-PC devices. Grobart lacks understanding regarding Apple’s mobile iOS devices to desktop/portable Macs strategy.
4. Numbers for iPad is the world’s #1 spreadsheet app for post-PC devices. Grobart lacks understanding regarding Apple’s mobile iOS devices to desktop/portable Macs strategy.
5. As with the 4 previous items, Grobart doesn’t know enough, or anything, about the products he advises Apple to “stop making.” Mission Control displays open documents and their apps. Launchpad shows available apps in iOS style. Dashboard runs widgets. They aren’t three “different ‘views’ of your desktop.”

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “John C” for the heads up.]


  1. Another dumbass shows his ass.

    The whole tech journalism thingy stinks with dumbasses who make shit up to meet their daily quota. This guy does not know his head from his asshole.

    His editor and publication are a pile of steaming shit.

  2. He, like MANY others, are still stuck on the Desktop paradigm. This is what happens when you let a company with no soul or innovation talent (Microsoft) to ‘lead’ the market for so long.

      1. In Lion, it was totally useless… But now in ML it’s awesome as a quick launcher. It’s completely replaced Spotlight for me for this…. Just assign a keyboard shortcut (I use cmd-cntrl-space), type a few characters, hit return, and bam, app is launched. It’s super-fast.

        1. Another cool launchpad trick is to use the four finger plus thumb pinch gesture with a trackpad. It seems to draw launchpad up through the desktop and the reverse pushes back under. It’s so sick, and blows most wintard minds most mercilessly.

          Go Apple!

  3. Pages/numbers meh. Microsoft is the alternative… And google? Sorry ain’t gonna do that.

    Safari… Firefox is my backup browser, I like safari.

    I don’t mind the dashboard, and I DO use Mission control a lot.

    Game center, I agree there are many achievement based game services on iOS and now os x. But game center is actually clean.. I prefer it myself.

    The guy is just an old fart.

  4. What a numb-nut. Mission Control is the #1 thing I miss when I am on a PeeCee. Especially with only one monitor. Clearly this guy has never had to have multiple spreadsheets / docs from different programs open at once.

  5. Wait this is business week… The same people that said that removing an item from the menubar is best done by the command line (cause they just read a list of commands…) rather than tick a checkbox in settings, or drag off the bar itself..

    Bunch of idiots.

  6. MDN’s “Take” is spot on. BTW, how do you “stop” manufacturing software applications? They take up digital 1 and 0 spaces. If you don’t want to use them, don’t.

    Meanwhile, Apple, make PAGES/NUMBERS, etc. applications better, so they DO compete with Microsoft’s Office suite fully.

    1. We *ARE* way overdue on an iWork update. I think that Pages and Keynote are both BETTER than their MS counterparts, but Numbers has a long way to go before it can replace Excel for me. I would LOVE to be able to get rid of Office on my Macs completely/

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