Beleaguered Nokia debuts free music streaming service in the USA

Nokia today announced the launch of its free music streaming service Nokia Music in the USA. Nokia Music is a free mobile experience exclusive to Nokia Lumia handsets, providing consumers with a simple and delightful way to discover and enjoy music.

Consumers can stream music from a suite of over 150 exclusive playlists that are curated and kept up to date by an expert team of US based musicologists. The playlists span a wide spectrum of musical genres from underground Detroit house tracks to New York Philharmonic favorites. Nokia Music also offers playlists created by global artists such as Lana Del Rey, Lady Gaga and Rihanna.

Beyond the curated playlists, music fans can create their own personal soundtrack by selecting the Nokia Music ‘CREATE’ function that taps a library of millions of songs and generates a playlist based on, and inspired by, the artists they love.

Completely advertisement-free, and requiring no registration or subscription, Nokia Music lets consumers immerse themselves in the dulcet tones of their favorite artists without being disrupted.

For maximum convenience, Nokia Music playlists can also be enjoyed offline so consumers can listen to their favorite playlists anytime, anywhere – perfect for a long flight, journey to work or train ride.

To enhance their music experience further, consumers can use Nokia Music’s ‘GIG FINDER’, which locates a consumer’s position and pinpoints live concerts, gigs and shows taking place in their local area, taking their level of interaction with their favorite artists beyond the playlist and Nokia Music’s mp3 store.

“The USA is the most vibrant and competitive digital music market in the world – by a wide margin. We have worked extra hard to ensure our service meets the expectations of the demanding, active and inspired music fans in the USA. I would like to challenge everyone to try Nokia Music and see just how easy and enjoyable the service is to use,” says Jyrki Rosenberg, VP of Entertainment at Nokia, in the press release.

Consumers who already own a Nokia Lumia 900 or Nokia Lumia 710 can download the Nokia Music app for free from the Windows Phone Marketplace.

A separate announcement today will unveil a collaboration between Nokia Music, AT&T and Green Day around the band’s new album Uno. The promotion will see Green Day perform an exclusive concert and provide exclusive playlists to Nokia Music for AT&T consumers.

Source: Nokia


  1. There are more than enough free music streaming apps that this is really just a waste of a press release. Nokia is about three years too late with this (as usual). Nothing to see here. Keep moving. Rubbernecking not necessary.

  2. The iPhones biggest competitor will be new the Windows 8 Nokia Lumia 920. I saw some coverage of it and frankly it is a very nice device and a step up from my son’s Samsung 7.5 Mango Windows Phone which is truly enjoys.
    MSFT does not need Samsung or HTC to build their phones as Nokia’s build quality is far superior.

    This is why competition is good for everyone as it pushes innovations and quality and as consumers we all win.

  3. Actually sound like a viable alternative to some streaming services. The gig finder, if it works well, may be a nice feature to those wanting to see their favorite bans play live. I personally have no need for an alternative for my music, but some may.

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