Apple files amended complaint, adds Samsung Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note, Note 10.1 to list of patent infringing devices

“Apple on Friday filed an amended complaint with the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California, adding two versions each of the Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note to its original claims of patent infringement against a number of Samsung smartphones and tablets,” Mikey Campbell reports for AppleInsider.

“The case, not to be confused with the recently decided Apple v. Samsung trial, was first lodged in February, with Apple leveraging eight utility patents against 17 Samsung devices.,” Campbell reports. “At the time, it was said that Apple was taking direct aim at the Samsung-built Google-branded Galaxy Nexus with the complaint.”

Campbell reports, “Along with the Galaxy S III and the Verizon version of the handset, Apple added the Galaxy Note and Galaxy Note 10.1 to the list of infringing devices, bringing the total tally up to 21 accused devices.”

Read more in the full article here.

FLorian Mueller writes for FOSS Patents, “With an injunction like this, Apple doesn’t need a product like the S III to be named in an injunction order to go after it if it infringes in more or less the same way as one of the products that were evaluated before. Apple can ask the judge to impose sanctions on Samsung for contempt of court. Apple would have to prove such contempt with clear and convincing evidence, which is a reasonably high standard, but there wouldn’t be a need for a new jury trial. The issue would be put before Judge Koh, who is already familiar with the relevant patents and technologies. And the standard and the procedure would be the very same if a product that is named in an injunction order still infringed after some modifications.”

“In other words, if Apple enforces a multi-touch software patent or a Siri-related patent, it doesn’t really matter what the name of the Samsung product at issue is. What’s far more important is what version of the operating software runs on the devices that are sold,” Mueller writes. “If Samsung puts a new and non-infringing version of its operating software on a product named in the injunction order, the order doesn’t apply just because the product still has the same name — nor does it help Samsung to put the same old infringing operating software on a device with a new name.”

Mueller writes, “The bottom line is that it’s not trivial for right holders to prove contempt, but infringers can’t easily end-run injunctions by launching new products under ever new names. And at least at this point there is absolutely no reason to believe that Samsung would not comply with an enforceable injunction across its whole range of products. Samsung knows how it works, even if countless analysts don’t.”

Much more in the full article – recommended – here.

MacDailyNews Take: Turn those screws, Mr. Cook!


  1. All i can say . if apple continues on as they are they will alienate to many people. Samsung are winning this war because public hate a sook. and apple won’t stop crying its mine its mine.

      1. Thing is, it’s bigger than just the sentiment of a few android users. If you get out of the comfort zone of a Mac zealot website and talk to people, in particular kids, teens, young adults, Apple is being a dick. I don’t agree with that. I think Apple has every right to protect her IP, but there are intangible costs and Apple is losing the mindshare war among the people who mater most, kids.

        1. Would the be the same group who also think they should be able to copy (steal) movies and music at will?

          That some youth(s) feel entitled (and lack any sense of right and wrong) does not make it correct (nor unique)

          Hopefully they will learn (as their parents did) that stealing someone else property is not right or moral.

      1. Yes Samsung will lose 9% of its yearly nut when Apple pulls all of its parts manufacturing Samsung was handling from them. And thats gotta hurt. Apple has little patience anymore for traitors among them, or in their partners. I predict Samsung will get the Windows Phone 8, Windows RT & Surface religion. A LOT less hassle for them than Google’s messy and stolen phone OS.

      2. remember. it’s only in the US. apple didn’t win on other cases in other countries. haven’t you even heard about losing in Japan? Apple also lost the case in UK court. Apple just took advantage of crappy jury system, and home base. that’s why apple won. it’s just beginning. apple will lose continually.

        1. Japan loss was for file syncing Edward. Hardly as relevant as the set of wins in the US. I noticed you also neglected to mention the recent EU ban on Samsung’s infringing products. So… before your next lecture, maybe you should get your facts straight.

      1. this is the same type of bonehead that cries that unemployment in the US is the presidents fault…No it ‘s Americans like him who want cheap knockoff shit even if the technology and design are stolen… Taking money from the real innovator who could use it to employ more of his countryman… America needs to wake up… The next big revolution is tech … We will never keep our lead if are willing to deny the importance of innovation and let the cheap imitators get away with and rewarded.

        1. Can all of you stop with your crap as it is getting long in the tooth as your points are irrelevant. This said, if Apple, Dell, HP etc… repatriate ALL of their manufacturing to the USA then your points become relevant. Apple not unlike others supports Communist China and that in itself is concerning. China loves it as they lend trillions to the US government and in the same breath they are a main manufacturing supply line for almost every US based company who look to China to cut their input costs which in turn affords them the ability to whack the American consumer with huge profit margins when they retail their goods to us.

          Buying American only makes sense if what you are buying actually supports American jobs and the American people as whole.

          1. So if I buy a product from a Korean company with Korean execs, Korean designers (if they exist), Korean engineers and Korean admin it supports American jobs as much as buying Apple?

            Right! Got it – clearly a well thought out post yet again ‘Pat’.

            1. No change in my view as the Korean company you speak of probably pay as much in US taxes as does Apple.

              My point which I think is clear in that the crying out for buying American should mean more than just buying from an American brand name.

              Why are you such an ass?

            2. No change in your view because you are a completely purchased Samsung troll. You don’t have a point of view only a paycheck.

              MDN please block this troll he adds nothing of value to this website.

    1. Apple should just buy Arm Holdings and cut them all off at the knees. INTC has noting credible in the mobole space. Almost all the other processors are ARM architecture. (Albeit, I think the Amazon table may use TXN.

  2. I find washing machines more attractive to look at than Apple devices. Perhaps Apple will try and patent washing machines, tumble dryers and dish washers claming “oh we made that first!”

        1. Propaganda, when you are armed with the truth and facts as Apple is you have nothing to concern yourself about, as we see Samsung is very concerned and by making very bad choices that are effecting what it is that people had seen Samsung as.

          By all that, understand that Samsung has hurt itself, not cause of Apple but because of the internal Documents that had been released that shows the intent and deliberate forcefull copying that they have admited to.

          We will see other company’s fighting to retain what they have designed and by not letting Samsung or anyone other Corporation for that matter steal or use what was designed.

          Only a fool would not protect what is rightfully theirs.

          And let’s not forget that the propaganda is so bad that Samsung and a team of Propagandist have fasley put out information stating this was about the corners of the iPhone, Facts are the Jury didn’t even address that, it didn’t have any bearing on the case at all, but Samsung wants to make people think it is.

          And as for you not liking Apple products, I can care less, you can use any product you wish, that’s your business, but all thoes features that have been stolen from Apple will be gone from that knockoff product that you love so dearly.

          Don’t forget also that Microsoft just purchased the rights to use Apple Patents and since Google/Motorola/HTC/Samsung have chosen to take a diffrent route they will keep losing, even Google is worried since they have been in talks with Tim Cook this week.


      1. And I would say there are plenty of moronic people on this site that hate other tech companies for no reason. Samsung are indeed a perfect example as has been proven of how ideas can be copied from an innovator. Apple are just downright hypocritical because they have also been caught infringing patents as well.

        1. ”Chuck, we know you’re a fscking Korean paid by Samsung to troll this site. Why don’t you give your real name instead of copying an American one. Or is that not in the Korean DNA?

          1. Actually I am a martian just so you don’t come up with any more silly ideas. We on Mars consider apples to be offensive when used in public as they are symbolic of a certain part of our anatomy. We may have to declare war on your planet. What is Korean anyway? Sounds like something we do in our spare time!

  3. Any news that would hurt the most corrupt company in Asia (Samsung) is good news indeed.

    That Korean chaebol needs a lesson in ethics. Anyone with cursory knowledge of South korea would know what I refer to. Samsung is ran like a Mafia.

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