Video: How a 4-inch ‘iPhone 5’ display would look and work

“The biggest change in the rumored new iPhone is the increase in screen size from 3.5-inch to 4-inch,” Arnold Kim reports for MacRumors.

“As we’ve seen in numerous part leaks, the new iPhone screen will be taller, but not wider,” Kim reports. “This will give the new device a resolution of 1136×640 and provide apps with more vertical space to use. In fact, it’s been found that iOS 6’s home screen already supports this larger size to display an extra row of app icons.”

Kim reports, “In order to provide a better demonstration of what a 4” iPhone screen would feel like, MacRumors has had this video created to show it in action:”

Read more in the full article here.


      1. For Apple’s sake, I hope you’re right. Just keep an eye on it though. Point and laugh at it all you want. I have a feeling that you won’t be able to point and laugh fast enough to keep up with the number they sell. Even the Galaxy S3 is larger that the upcoming iPhone “5” supposedly.

        1. samsung revealed in #icourt that they’ve been padding and lying about the number of devices they’ve shipped/sold since pre-2010…

          They came clean and said all their previous statements were lies. Why on earth would you believe the horse shit they are spewing now?

        2. Samsung was bragging about selling 10 million S3s in fifty days. Apple sold that many 4Ss in less than a month when it first released.

          Samsung is a sick joke, and their surfboard sized phone/tablet monstrosities are hilariously misguided.

    1. Wow. On the screen that GN2 does look sweet. But do I want that in my pocket? Ever? No, I don’t. I imagine I don’t even want it in one hand for long. Still, it’s very impressive in this video.

      Speaking of impressive, that MacRumors video in the original article is very well done! Looks like a great improvement.

      Still, I keep wondering what will be under the hood to make this a MUST-UPDATE update. Any ideas?

      1. I felt the same way you do. I would go and hold a floor model galaxy s and say man this is huge and had decided against scrapping my iphone. But I had to be honest with myself.

        Am I sticking with the iPhone because it’s better or because I’m loyal to Apple? I had to be honest with myself. I got a Samsung Galaxy S II and man…it just feels right. I can barely tell it’s in my pocket. It’s not made of glass and metal.

        -and I’m not afraid of dropping it–so I don’t! go figure.

        Yeah it felt big, but compared to what?!?!? the iPhone is what. Who says the iPhone is the “right’ size? Apple?!?!?! Who the hell are they to tell me what’s right for me?!?! I still have my iphone but it just seems so small now.

        Apple’s dropping the ball if they’re merely elongating the iPhone.

        It don’t look good for ’em. Samsung will make the patent fine money back on the way to pay it.

        1. Get the hell out of here with that nonsense. If the iPhone isn’t for you, don’t buy it. Nobody ever forced you to. But for those of us who have them and love them, it’s the perfect size.

          I owned an S2 (and a Nexus S). Have fun with your crashing, stuttering virus-play land and its lack of quality apps. Oh but there are hundreds of thousands of wallpaper apps and apps that contain malware! Yay!

            1. Hey look size does matter, to most, and what’s the right size for them. You want to go away from the superior Apple Eco system and make the tradeoffs to Android that’s your business and decision ALONE. But don’t let your insecurity show by insisting everyone else make your poor choice. Love it whe people try to foist their choices on to others. Oh and go ahead and pick up a PC while you’re in the poor choice mood. Of course that’s just my and many others here opinion. You are entitled to yours as well.

  1. Apple ignited the smartphone industry after it floundered. It was Apple’s to lose and I think Tim (cut costs and please share holders) Cook (aka Cookiewuss), does not have his fingers on the pulse of this industry.

    Jobs would be watching, and he would have seen the emphasis shifting to larger phones.

    This is all I hear about when I talk to kids and young adults. Galaxy this Galaxy that. Apple has a fight ahead of it, and the old fart management team in charge, I just don’t think they’re up to the challenge. I hope I’m wrong, but they’ve been proving me right over and over as of late.

    1. Hey TM, can you say iPad Mini? Thought so. It’s right around the corner — you know that, right?

      You can cool it with Cookiewuss. That term degrades you instead of him. Besides, you don’t become the undisputed king of the SupplyChain on planet earth for being a wuss. It’s just a complete misnomer.

      FWIW, you do know that “foundered” is different from “floundered”, right? Just making sure. (For those reading, gamut is also different from gambit, and jive and jibe also do not mean the same thing.)

      1. Undisputed king doesn’t seem to be able to get the parts he needs this time around. And he is a Cookiewuss. NY Times says jump, he says how high. He’s a clueless supply chain guy that has no business running Apple.

        He doesn’t have the chops. In particular he doesn’t have the ability to say “this sucks.” His only metric is share holders and newspapers it appears.

        1. What if they released the new iPhone AND an iPad mini with phone capabilities? If they could do that with the LTE model…. When I activated the iPads, they each are issued a phone number. I am illiterate as to the hardware requirements, bu if they could do that it would be killer!

          1. good point. Apple knows what we want before we know what we want. All of the iPhone lovers need to look beyond their Stockholm Syndrome and be prepared for apple to break the mold and go with what’s seems to be trending now–bigger devices OR the perfect size device for the fairly completely evolved human hand—A smaller iPad or larger iPhone.

            DMac, I think you have something…It may be all coming together now

        2. “Just an iPad”? You mean just another of the line of tablets that is literally outselling the competition 50 to 1? Why slap a phone in it when nobody short of a few knuckleheads is calling for it? Samsung can make their laughable “phablets” all they want, but most people are not buying them.

      2. And for many of you “merikuns… you don’t loose your keys; you LOSE them. But you might have LOOSE pants, if you bought a 36″ waist instead of 32”.

        1. Nah, unfortunately not too many Americans would find pants with a 36″ waist loose these days. 32″ maybe most US 12 year olds. Just saying, we are some fat bastards these days.

      3. @Nerd Beautiful

        Either floundered or foundered could work in TM’s sentence depending on whether he is trying to say the smartphone industry struggled before the iPhone was released or that it had failed.

    2. Well spoken. The Galaxy S3 is really sweet and in my humble opinion, this is where the new iPhone should of gone. This said, any chance that it ail be 4.5 to 4.65″ display given that all we see are “Rumoured” devices?


      1. I too think the moderate increase size is a bit too little. The ideal size can be debated, and probably one size does not fit all. The iPhone can easily benefit and not betray its roots by being another 1/4″ wider. This with the new height would still fit easily in a pocket, which is my criterial for a phone. The Note is a useful size, but carrying is a bit challenging, and you’d better be prepared to wear a BT headset all the time because talking on one of those up to your face is just plain stupid looking.

        1. The width is as big as it can be while still allowing the majority to operate it with one hand- and I’ve got big hands.

          Hold your phone in one hand and reach for the corner with your thumb- its almost a stretch already. These giant screen phones require both hands to reach all functions. Fail.

        2. I think the samesung “Phablets” are a lost cause, they are way too big to be a phone yet far too small to be a reasonable tablet. Add to thatI just handles one of the earlier galaxies felt like a samsung plastic POS cellphone (they don’t even get the “feel” part of look and feel do they)
          ANyone who actually handles both in the showroom will be hard pressed to buy it on that alone.
          I think a longer iPhone could be a nice compromise (and it will have (if the rumors are correct) nearly the same resolution as the dorky looking samesung) I would call that a better device (for most all)
          Might be nice to provide the “iPad mini 3G” with the ability to use a BT headset to make calls, but I think that is likely a very narrow audience (perhaps those who carry handbags – like women, “euro-trendies” (and apparently… Thelonious and BLN… I guess I should admire men who aren’t afraid to have everyone constantly snicker at them, but somehow I don’t ;-))

      2. big screens on phones are a fad. Like 3d phones. If Apple had increased the screen width and not just the length, then I’d get a blackberry. Most iPhone users don’t want giant phones. They want sleek, compact, state-of-the-art industrial design. For every ‘pat’ they’d make happy with a bigger screen they’d lose 10 REAL customers who don’t want a shitty clown phone.

        1. see my previous comment…you didn’t know you wanted an iphone until apple made it. you thought what you had before the phone was what you wanted–didn’t you?

          I used to be THAT smug iPhone user.

          1. Don’t preach to people like somehow you’ve reached some level of knowledge that they haven’t. We’re not the ones who got suckered into buying a sh*tty, buggy, half-assed plastic Android phone because “Derp da skreen is da much biggar!!1!” I’ve had Android phones, including the S2 you keep bragging on, and they’re what had me RUNNING to Apple and I’m never going back.

            1. ok. geez. it’s just a phone dude. yours have a moist v shaped pocket with a “happy knob” under it’s belly.

              I chose the iphone, then I chose the galaxy s on my own volition.

          2. No, most of us can say this because we have handled these new big ass Android phones. They are really uncomfortable and force many people to no longer be able to use it only using one thumb.

            I really don’t want a tablet in my pocket. I have an iPad when I want to use a tablet.

            This whole “bigger is always better” cell phone size queen thing is really getting out of hand (pun not intended, but appropriate).

      3. Unlikely…. the phablet market will be covered by the iPad Mini. Most iPads are actually used at home and on the toilet. 7″ tablets are seen more in the wild, on transit, in parks.

        You’ll notice that the advertising for iPads always have them indoors. I see people with 7″ tablets outside using them as cameras. Looks weird… but that’s how people are using them… and you aren’t going to change that.

  2. I think Samsung is a scummy company (illustrated by Chairman Lee’s example, he was convicted of assorted other crimes sentenced to years in jail and then pardoned by the Korean president) and I invest in aapl.

    that said I think it’s very hard for Apple to complete with the likes of Samsung in hardware RANGE because Apple does not own the fab facilities.

    According to a report Samsung produces 152 cell phone and 15 tablet models for the U.S alone.

    Apple had a HUGE near insurmountable advantage originally because of iOS but unfortunately E.S the Mole stole. Without Android Samsung etc would be in the shat hole regardless of manufacturing advantages.

    Still perhaps Apple should introduce a wider range of iPhones in different sizes etc as they do with iPod.

      1. The public spoke clearly about 19″ portables and larger years ago. At some point, it’s just too big… whether for coolness, convenience, lightness, or whatever. We’ll see what the public has to say. Personally, I don’t want to be holding a mini-tablet up to my ear.

        1. You might want to tell that to all the companies advertising the thinness of their phones, tablets, and “ultrabooks.”

          Oh, and I wonder why no single phone sells more than the thin, light iPhone in the US? Reality disagrees with you, bataylor.

  3. I can’t believe the utter stupidity of some people. They need an Android sight to go run their mouths. Too bad I’m not the SYSOP here, or they’d been kicked and blocked long ago. What a waste of the good people’s time here.

  4. Apple’s MO is to make quality products that are designed to improve your capability to communicate and interact electronically.
    Other electronic device makers go for the same old mantra – bigger and faster because they do not have the skill set to think outside the box. All they do is copy an idea and make variants based on size or speed.
    Larger screens will grab a few buyers but even those will find the size will be inconvenient after a while.
    I for one am wondering if Apple will eventually end up stretching a phone to be full widescreen dimensions. We’ll have to see how the new taller layout works out.

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