Photos of semi-assembled iPhone 5 show component layout, thickness

“Last week, we shared photos of the leaked dock connector and headphone jack for the next-generation iPhone paired with a leaked rear shell for the device, demonstrating that the independently-obtained parts are indeed compatible and giving a good overview of what the bottom of the device will look like,” Eric Slivka reports for MacRumors.

Sohu now posts (via a new set of photos of parts for the next iPhone, including a photo showing a number of components placed into their proper positions within the rear shell,” Slivka reports. “The flex cable housing the external buttons, the SIM tray, and dock connector/headphone jack flex cable can all be seen in the photo.”

Slivka reports, “These new photos offer a fresh perspective on the complete device, comparing it to the iPhone 4 and 3GS and giving a good look at the comparative thickness of the three devices.”

Sohu iPhone 5 vs. iPhone 3GS vs. iPhone 4/4S thickness

More info and photos in the full article here.


  1. What issue? Siri will be even better and there will be LTE. The entire package of beautiful and beautifully integrated hardware and software is what makes the difference, not a feature here or there or one spec vs. another.

    1. I think you’re in for years of disappointment if you expect every version of the iphone (or ipad) to be as mind blowing as the day it was released. A product as great as the iPhone can really only be revolutionary once. After that, minor and major updates are what you can expect. Exactly the same path the Mac has taken… Revolutionary once, 25 years of minor and major updates. Doesn’t diminish from the greatness of the product itself. What does diminish it is the endless amount of copy cat products that are allowed to flood the market, clouding your view of what makes these products uniquely great. Happened with the Mac and has now has happened with the iPhone and iOS. Hopefully Apple’s recent victory over Samsung is the beginning of the end of that trend.

  2. I’m less interested in assembly photos than I am in why there are so many detailed leaks weeks before the launch event. I think now that Steve “The Enforcer” is gone, the suppliers have less incentive to crack down on security.

    I hope Cook puts some supplier heads on fresh pikes to put the kibosh on this disturbing trend.

    1. As you begin to produce a larger and larger number of a launch product, the chances of leaks getting out increase exponentially.

      I don’t think Steve could have controlled that fact any more than Tim.

      The only way to really ensure secrecy would be if they build every single component internally.

      That may be an eventual future for Apple, but they certainly don’t have the infrastructure for that in place now.

  3. To be honest I don’t care anything about all these pix of what the new IPhone will look like, It’s all pie in the sky.

    I’ll wait for the 12th and see with my own eyes.

    Then I shall buy 2 – can’t wait for the real thing

  4. Why does Apple allow unannounced hardware to leak out of its contracted factories?

    Here’s Apple blowing millions on lawyer fees to protect their IP, and the stuff is walking out of the factories into the hands of their competitors before it’s ever even announced. WTF is going on over at Apple’s executive offices? Where’s the leadership and discipline? I’m not impressed. Yeah, this is normal behavior in China: Criminal Nation. But Apple tolerates this because WHY?!

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