Unknown iPad device identifiers appear in device logs hinting at ‘iPad mini’ testing

“I saw two curious entries in Instapaper’s device stats today: one iPad2,5 and one iPad2,6,” Marco Arment reports via Marco.org. “(There were also a few iPhone5,1 devices, but that’s not a surprise — that’s almost certainly next month’s new GSM iPhone.)”

“These device models, as reported by the OS, could be faked by a jailbreaker with enough free time. But I’ve never had a device show up there that didn’t end up being a real, about-to-be-released Apple device,” Arment reports. “The much more likely explanation is that iPad2,5 and iPad2,6 are the new ‘iPad Mini’ in Wi-Fi and GSM, and I haven’t recorded the likely iPad2,7 CDMA version yet.”

Arment reports, “Rather than just sell the original iPad 2 with a price cut, they’ve made a new product designed to be far less expensive from day one by combining old and new parts: the 32nm iPad 2’s guts, larger-cut iPhone 3GS screens, a smaller case and battery, and the new iPhone’s low-power LTE chip for $100 more. This is all speculation, of course, but I’m convinced: like the leaked Dock connector, this move is so ingenius that it’s most likely to be what Apple has really done. I bet they could sell that for $249, and that would be a steal.”

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    1. He should get the credit…remember Steve said 7″form factor was not up to his standards…. If Tim disagrees and decides to manufacture it is entirely to his credit if a success …. Or he will get the blame if it fails …. With the success of all the 7″ garbage out there, an Apple mini tablet with a $249-299 price tag will fly off the shelves.

      1. Remember that Steve Jobs was infamous for changing his mind about things all the time! Nobody seems to have an answer to the fact that, if an ‘iPad Mini’ needs fingers to be sanded down in order to use the smaller screen, then how on earth are users supposed to cope with the, by comparison, microscopic screen of the iPhone and the Touch?
        Somehow, inexplicably, millions actually seem to manage with a 3.5″ screen, meaning that average-sized human fingers will manage perfectly well with a 7.85″ screen.
        Anyone prepared to say otherwise?
        And look like an idiot?

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