Apple CEO Tim Cook expands executive team, Senior VP Hardware Engineering Bob Mansfield will not retire

Apple today announced that Craig Federighi, Apple’s vice president of Mac Software Engineering, and Dan Riccio, Apple’s vice president of Hardware Engineering, have been promoted to senior vice presidents. Federighi and Riccio will report to Apple CEO Tim Cook and serve on Apple’s executive management team.

Apple also announced that Bob Mansfield, who announced his retirement in June, will remain at Apple. Mansfield will work on future products, reporting to Tim Cook.

As senior vice president of Mac Software Engineering, Federighi will continue to be responsible for the development of Mac OS X and Apple’s common operating system engineering teams. Federighi worked at NeXT, followed by Apple, and then spent a decade at Ariba where he held several roles including vice president of Internet Services and chief technology officer. He returned to Apple in 2009 to lead Mac OS X engineering. Federighi holds a Master of Science degree in Computer Science and a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from the University of California, Berkeley.

Riccio, as senior vice president of Hardware Engineering, will lead the Mac, iPhone, iPad and iPod engineering teams. He has been instrumental in all of Apple’s iPad products since the first generation iPad. Riccio joined Apple in 1998 as vice president of Product Design and has been a key contributor to most of Apple’s hardware over his career. Dan earned a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Massachusetts Amherst in 1986.

Source: Apple Inc.

MacDailyNews Note: Apple’s expanded leadership team now looks like this.

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        1. As a UK citizen I can tell you that anyone with “Lord” before their name is a self serving asshole who will lie, cheat and basically defraud anyone and anything in order to get what they want.

          It’s actually a great way to tell if someone can’t be trusted.

  1. I’ve never warmed to Federighi the way I have with Bertrand Serlet. Federighi strikes me as an automaton more interested in the whiz bang of Mac OS X whereas Bertrand was someone who understood what made the users tick and hence, built an OS that was user friendly rather than chockfull of useless gimmicks that Mountain Lion is now.

    1. You don’t know him. He’s a world-class software engineer like Bertand, and he’s also a highly talented engineering manager. I know a lot of people in his organization, and they couldn’t wish for anyone better to run their department.


          1. Pretty in pink. You’ll notice that, unlike fashion-challenged Minka Kelly, this young lady knows when to wear matching pumps, and it contributes to the overall presentation.

      1. So what Peter? Some of the very best, brightest and most dedicated to their work have been my gay co-workers. One plus in their column is most (not saying all) have no kids to distract their single minded purpose to advance their abilities and their career. Most of the rest of us have to juggle a kid or two, or more in the 24 hours in a day mix of actual time in a day and mental energy spent solving all their problems even when you aren’t home.

  2. Glad to hear Bob Mansfield is staying. In his “future products” role, he’ll probably be the guy who figures out how to do a practical holographic display (or a direct mind interface). 🙂

      1. Maybe, but it’s the work of smart “engineering” guys like Bob Mansfield to make something that is “conceptual” into something that is it “practical.”

        Ten years ago, I did not imagine that an “iPhone” (with all of its capabilities) could be squeezed into something so compact by 2007. Steve Jobs, Jonathan Ive, and Apple’s “designers” DID imagine it. Existing technology made it conceptually possible. But Bob Mansfield (and his “hardware engineers”) made it PRACTICAL, into a “real” commercially successful product that could be manufactured and sold by the tens of millions.

  3. Pat, ‘Sir’ isn’t a ‘Royal’ title, it’s a title bestowed on any member of society by the Head Of State, the Queen. It does not make you royalty, and it means a heck of a lot to the person who it’s given to, as it’s a mark of considerable achievement, and recognition of that achievement.
    It’s something you are never going to get no matter how long you live, because you’ll never achieve anything of any significance.
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    1. Not looking to be flamed or upset the Apple cart, but is it more disturbing that the “inner circle” shows no gender/racial diversity? What gives? Surely through Apple’s ranks or Silicon Valley as a whole, they could find one who has the equivalent knowledge, training and experience. You know, to add a different point of view or perspective during meetings and such.

      As a side note, did this page ever show something different regarding gender and racial makeup?

      1. Oh, please. Maybe they just concentrated on getting the VERY best people for the job instead of filling some imagined racial/gender profile. I have no doubt that Apple wouldn’t hesitate in minute to put a transgendered, black, bald, handicapped woman in a position of leadership if she was the best and the brightest.

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