Seoul court rules Apple infringed two Samsung patents

“Apple Inc has infringed on two of Samsung Electronics Co’s patents and it has been fined $35,400 by a South Korean court, the court ruled on Friday,” Reuters reports.

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MacDailyNews Take: Your honor, can you break a billion?


  1. don’t even argue or complain the result. apple is deserved to get punished. they started first. if they didn’t, nothing will be happened. so I think that apple is dumb. bye, bye iphone & ipad in Korea. I am not mised. samsung galaxy is much better. Koreans also love it, use it many times. it’s not end of day if you won’t use damn iphone or ipad. so. cut it.

    1. Korians have no shame! They steal designs for everything from phones to cars to handbags. You name it. Their other peculiar traits are to write with no capitals at beginning of sentences and to choose names after English royalty. Meet a Korean, and I bet you his name is either Edward, Henry or William. Totally classless.

  2. So lets hear from the mitt Mr. Romney from all the right wing that wants to make everything political! What is your Mitt going to do about the asians stealing out tech???

    Exactly!! NOTHING!
    Nothing because they dont want to ruin relations for US companies! I am not saying Obama is going to do anything… so lets not hear any political crap about this.. this is an assault on the US tech Industry by a foreign country! I buy only Apple products at my business because I support US companies and not pirates! Plus they work!! Call me a fan boy .. but if it works! then why look for a second best has been? Price? haha.. losers shop on price not performance!

    1. Perhaps Chuck would prefer the malware infested, fragmented, piracy raided, ad ridden, nil integrated, nothing-really-works-properly alternative ecosystem.

      That’s the one we should welcome, right Chuck?

      1. Wrong gkmac.

        I wouldn’t know as I have never been infected with a virus, installed ad ridden software or had any association with pirated software/music/video etc.. You also wrongly assume that somehow things cannot be done smoothly in Windows because I don’t like the Apple way – wrong again. Your view is a typical Mac fanboy view which will never change so I won’t bother commenting further on that.

        Seeing as you brought up the subject of viruses perhaps you might enjoy reading this…
        That won’t be the last of it either.

        Apple weren’t exactly quick with providing a fix which they did weeks later. I also wonder why they wanted to keep it quite?

        I quite enjoy reading some of the posts on here and gaging quite easily how far the Apple hardcore really have got there heads rammed and stuck up a lions bum.

    2. And how exactly would it hurt you, if it did? I don’t get this type of reasoning? Apple makes consumer electronic products, how exactly does that make your life worse? Just don’t use Apple’s products and let the rest of us enjoy ourselves.

  3. Guys don’t be so hard on the Koreans, they might lie and cheat but still have great taste.

    Even Samesung’s top UX designer, JeeYeun Wang – the one who testified in court and said she worked 22h workdays designing the Crapalaxy S and never copy the iPhone – uses an iPhone.

    Here’s her posting about seeing an error on her Facebook app:

    I’m sure you recognise the UI…

    (note to “Chuck” and other Samsung employees: I have made copies of that page)

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