5 things for Apple investors to consider

“In the afterglow of Apple Inc. shares reaching new record highs on Monday, investors might want to take a deep breath, step back and consider a few things, including a few ways the company has changed since Steve Jobs passed away last October,” Therese Poletti writes for MarketWatch.

“While investors look for other potential trading catalysts for Apple’s stock, including how to trade ahead of the iPhone 5 launch, here are a few other issues worth considering, in addition to Apple’s still relatively low price-to-earnings ratio,” Poletti writes.

5 things for Apple investors to consider:
1) The company’s patent infringement case against Samsung is expected to go to a jury this week
2) Apple’s efforts to simplify the TV appear to be moving more slowly than some have expected
3) The mythical secrecy ahead of Apple product announcements appears to be waning a bit
4) The company’s plans for a new iconic spaceship-like building and campus are moving forward
5) The possible development of a lower-cost smaller iPad

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  1. AND!!!!!! Wall Street is now attempting to to boost Faceplant’s ZUCK FUCK with Steve Jobs to boost its stock. look @ the PE! Holy jumped up CHRIST! Skull FUCK indeed.

  2. “3) The mythical secrecy ahead of Apple product announcements appears to be waning a bit”

    Notice that there are few leaks of iPad mini parts/photos.
    Theory/fanatasy, take your pick: Since the next iPhone looks a lot like the last iPhone, Apple is leaking this stuff so that we have a chance to adjust to the thought that there is no radical re-design coming. If they were to show this next iPhone cold at the Sept. launch there would be widespread disappointment and some panic that Apple has “lost it”. The stock might plunge, not that that is Apple’s biggest concern. The lack of iPad mini leaks could be interpreted as evidence that Apple can prevent leaks if it wants to.

  3. Supposedly today the stock price on Apple went down because Apple is not coming out with their own branded TV. Has Apple ever said they were making a TV?

    How did we get from SJ saying he’s finally figured out the TV to Apple making their own TV’s? Why would anyone expect anything other then something like the Apple TV cube they already have?

    1. Apple went down today because it was up $100 per share in about 3 weeks and some big institution decided that was a good time to take some profit and then others likely followed. It went down like someone flipped a switch. And it took the rest of the market down with it.

      1. 1!

        Profit taking is the most logical reason for the drop. That’s what investing is: buy & sell. There’s always a sky-is-falling over-analysis of a drop like this. Profit taking. That’s it. It’ll go back up.

  4. I had a laugh from Motley Fool today. They say that if Apple wins the Samsong case things will be bad for Apple. How so? Well it seems all these non Apple companies will just get going and, get this, leapfrog ahead of Apple with all kinds of new ideas. Damn, I am scared. Should I sell my AAPL now or just jump off a bridge. Motley Fools no less.

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