Ex-Apple CEO Sculley says TV market is company’s ‘game to lose’

“Former Apple Inc. Chief Executive Officer John Sculley, the man who presided over the company when Steve Jobs left in 1985, said a move into the television market is ‘Apple’s game to lose,'” Scott Moritz reports for Bloomberg.

“Apple already has a foothold in smartphones, tablets and computers, giving it an edge in trying to take control of consumers’ living rooms, said Sculley, who has no inside knowledge of the company’s strategy,” Moritz reports. “‘They own three screens — the mobile phone, tablet and computer — and you can see how important it is to them to own the fourth, which is TV,’ said Sculley, who now runs an investment firm and is chairman of 3Cinteractive LLC, a mobile- software developer.”

Moritz reports, “Apple’s iPhone is the best-selling smartphone in the U.S., and the iPad controls 70 percent of the tablet market. This ‘ecosystem’ is a huge advantage over competitors, Sculley said. Apple’s core principle has been improving the user experience and keeping that experience consistent across different devices, he said. ‘People don’t realize how huge this is,’ he said. ‘Microsoft wanted the living room, Sony wanted the living room, and so far both have failed.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: And water is wet, bozo.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Jim” for the heads up.]

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    1. I can’t believe this guy can has the ball’s to open his mouth. He fired Steve Jobs, talk about failure. Maybe he should go and try to run some banks some place. Shut up!

  1. This response and the recent one about the retail guy, show the MDN take to now officially be arrogant jackassery. If you had any class you might give it up about Sculley. It is ancient history. And even Steve Jobs has said it was good for him to leave. I am sure if MDN had been CEO then everything would have been perfect. And if MDN were running the stores they would be perfect. Flawless. Geez, your condescending attitude is classless. Grow up.

    1. Adults run everything and have for centuries, yet their track records are atrocious, if anything. Why expect more exemplary behavior from an organization, MDN—really nothing more or less than a rallying point for a generation of abused, long-suffering veterans of the computing revolution—when the intent is simply to hammer home the message of hope and delight, while commiserating about a shared decade of darkness and oppression?

      This is the program at MDN, a refuge not for those desiring a balanced or politically correct showcase of harmless platitudes or empty slogans but a place reminiscent of Jon Stewart, one of fierce and virtuous debate about what really matters in life, personally, politically, and spiritually.

      With an acid twist—

    2. kent: RE: official MDN jackassery… Same as it ever was. Same as it ever was. You are either new to the forum or have suffered a TBI. If the latter, stay calm and acquaint yourself by reading the archives. Cheers.

      1. I have read MDN for years. It used to not have such frequent forays into arrogant self righteousness and total obnoxiousness. The last time I recall this was when ATT was the exclusive iPhone supplier and every comment from MDN railed against the ATT monopoly (apparently OKd by the brilliant Jobs). I had ATT and liked it, no problems. But MDN couldn’t wait for Verizon, until it came. Then it bitched and moaned about Verizon. The whining is becoming MDNs most noticeable characteristic. Spoiled child syndrome.

    3. kent,

      Click MDN’s “bozo” link and learn something for a change.

      Also, for others in this thread:
      1. The Newton was not the direct technological predecessor to iPhone/ iPad.
      2. Apple ceased to exist when they bought NeXT. NeXT took over Apple, they just kept the name. NeXT is the foundation of the most successful technology company ever built. Without NeXT, there is no OS X or iOS.
      3. Sculley was and is a fscking bozo.

          1. No, Apple purchased NeXT , which was losing money.

            Steve Jobs NeXT was a completely failed product.

            The OS years later became a valuable thing when combined with the large market of Apple products.

            Steve Jobs hired John Sculley and spent a lot of time convincing him to come to Apple.

            Steve Jobs was a terrible executive when he was at Apple the first time. He was a good founder, but he was terrible manager. He became an excellent manager largely because he learned from the experience of being fired. See his Stanford commencement speech.

            All John Scullley did in the recent article was compliment Apple. That simple act caused MDN and many of its deranged readers, who for some reason harbor decades old hatreds, to send out the hateful and ignorant post. MDN is becoming an embarrassment in its lame attempts to get hits to the site.

            1. No NeXT was not a failed produkt, but the company was a failure.

              However next tech lived in sun, it brought up the borland c++ compiler. Yes just read the history of borlands quattro. Which was built paralell to the c++ compiler.

              There is also GNU/Step who keeps up with cocoa compatibility. They just lack a modern UI engine.

              Next vas not a failure and it changed it’s name to Apple. Alost nothing is left of the old Mac OS, which is on good and bad. I still miss many clever features in MacOS that has gotten dumbed down in OSX. One e.g. is it’s way to handle file assosiations. It was technically limited, but very clever. Nothing has been so clever as the mac’s way to handle it. Except maybe OpenDoc, but unforinately that produkt failed.

              Still OSX and iOS is mostly all NeXT Step. But im not so sure of if it is as good as NeXT Step or Open Step was in it’s time. Can’t really tell i’ve had to few moments with next step. But I’ve read about it since I was a lad.

        1. I agree. Jobs WAS Apple. If he had remained at Apple the current products would have been pretty much what we have now. NeXt was a failure. It bailed on hardware, it bailed on its target college age demographic, and it bailed on its processor platform, leaving little more than an unpopular OS and an interesting object oriented authoring platform. When Jobs was brought back in, he did what he would have done if he had never left.

    4. kent.. did you ride the back or front of the short bus to school??? john sculley is a moron who has a terrible track record of making terrible business decisions… and no one should be looking to this idiot for advice on ANYTHING is regards to apple’s business.. it’s obvious he never had a “vision”, so why ask him for one… can you show us an example of a good vision he has had?

  2. Let it go with Sculley. If Mr. Jobs had not been fired from Apple does anybody think Apple would be in the position it is now? Sculley did Mr. Jobs a favor, because in the time period he was gone, Jobs became the man he was in 1997 and had the drive to bring Apple back to life Also, Sculley has apologized over and over for his mistakes at Apple. Forgive him and go on to better things. By the way before anybody says I don’t know anything about the Mac. I have been a Mac user since 1994 (OS 7.1), and have used every version of OS X since 10.0, sorry I missed the public beta.

  3. $99 Apple TV (mines jailbroken)
    $20 ML upgrade (Airplay mirroring)
    <$50 in cabling

    and Apple already owns the living room

    I have all of the above including a couple of 1080P TVs, so I have no need for an Apple branded TV. I don't think anyone has been holding off buying a TV because Apple doesn't make one.

    You could buy any brand of TV and a Mac mini for a reasonable price as well.

    1. I didn’t really read the article, it’s not about an Apple branded tv, but owning the living room.

      Still Apple is well on their way.

      Apple TV and an iPad or iPhone or again cables are another method.

      Most people already have half the equipment needed.

    1. Actually, Apple became a multi-billion dollar company under Sculley, but let’s not let the facts get in the way of still another snarky take by MDN. Sculley was also the champion of Newton, which is the direct technological predecessor of both the iPhone and iPad.

      1. Um, if you are using a mac you are using the NeXT operating system, the one that the World Wide Web was invented on. NeXT is also what allowed Steve to come back and turn Apple into the most valuable publicly traded company in the world.

        1. True, but the company never made money. It was only purchased to get Jobs back. The OS was a nice bonus. The NeXT was a product nobody wanted at the price it was sold at. Steve Jobs is definitely the visionary of the computer industry, but he made many mistakes, like the NeXT computer. So, give poor John Sculley a break. He is no Steve Jobs, but he is not the devil or even a “bozo” as MDN says. How about a little courtesy around this place?

      2. A lot of faulty information here. Amelio bought NeXt because of the OS. Apple’s Copeland OS development project was a black hole that created a dozen problems for every solution. Amelio then tried to buy Be for the Be OS but Gasse wanted too much money. That’s why he bought NeXt.

      1. There’s an interview of Steve Jobs where he says “what can I say, I hired the wrong guy.”

        Scully was CEO when the MS contract was drafted and signed that allowed them to copy the Mac OS.

  4. Sculley is no dummy. He was the wrong guy, but there were worse CEOs at Apple. If you read your history right, Sculley didn’t last long after Steve Jobs. There were also Spindler and Ame…. Excuse me, DR. Gil Amelio, that in my opinion where much worse CEOs than Sculley.

    Sculley actually admired and respected Jobs. He didn’t want him to leave. He just thought he was a loose cannon (and back the he was) and needed some constraint. It was the board who forced him to resign. Sculley didn’t want Steve Jobs to resign. He was aware that Steve was the heart and soul of Apple. And he acknowledges his mistake.

    Yes, he’s guilty of many mistakes. But he doesn’t deserve to rot in hell of burn on a stake.

    1. Amelio was a great CEO. He made all the right moves for the company. His mistake was inviting a Klingon over for dinner:

      There was a young woman from Niger,
      Who smiled as she rode on a tiger.
      They returned from the ride,
      With the lady inside,
      And a smile on the face of the tiger.

  5. Why does anyone care what Sculley says? His credibility as an effective CEO of Apple failed and now that Steve is gone he thinks he can represent what is best for those of us who invested time and money into Apples success. He thinks knows better then the 5 year plan set in motion by Steve and his excellent team of business professionals. I always wanted attention and I wish we could all just censure him.

  6. main focus of that article is “EX” Apple CEO…
    based on this idiots track record, why does anyone even listen to his babble?

    laides and gentlemen, john sculley…
    “bla bla bla bla… and bla bla bla… and let’s not leave out bla bla bla… “

  7. I would note that Steve and Apple learned a trick or two from Sculley.

    Consider Sculley’s claim to fame at Pepsi, the thing that helped Pepsi overcome then dominant Coke, was form factor — flooding the market with every conceivable product variation — addressing consumer needs and leaving competitors no potential foothold.

    This lesson was absorbed well by the student. Look what Steve / Apple did with the iPod — classic, mini, touch… Many observers scoffed at “cannibalization” yet each addressed a different market segment and “competitors” had no safe haven.

    Consider what Apple is about to do with the iPad Mini. Frankly, how many people will be buying a Nook or a Kindle in a couple of years? Probably about the same number buying a Zune…

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