Apple shares surge as iPhone 5 anticipation mounts

“Apple Inc. has been racking up steady gains over the past few weeks as expectations have built up around the widely anticipated launch of its next iPhone, which could come as early as next month,” Dan Gallagher reports for MarketWatch.

“Growing speculation and leaks in the media are feeding into expectations by investors, who remain highly keyed on the next update of what has become Apple’s largest product, accounting for a majority of both revenues and profits in the first nine months of the current fiscal year,” Gallagher reports. “The stock has picked up nearly 12% following a short-lived selloff that resulted from its July 24 earnings report, which showed a sequential decline in iPhone sales ahead of the new launch.”

Gallagher reports, “The device expected to be designated as the iPhone 5 is believed to feature a redesigned, thinner body, larger touch-screen and the ability to connect to the latest generation of LTE networks. It will also feature the iOS 6 version of the mobile operating system that Apple previewed in June and set for a launch date of ‘this fall.’ …Recent media reports say the company is planning a Sept. 12 event to announce the new iPhone ahead of a market launch later in the month, likely adding to the company’s results for its fourth fiscal quarter.”

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  1. Wait a minute. Let’s take into account AAPL’s stock dividend on August 16th! That alone has been driving up the demand and therefore price of AAPL.

    Now that DIVidEnD dAY! is over, let’s consider the effect of anticipation for the iPhone 5.

    1. My AAPL dividend show up in my account last night!! Unfortunately, (before tax) it’s just enough for me to get a LV-knokoff.. After tax, I can only afford some Happy Meals!! 🙁

        1. The taxes have to come from somewhere, and we *should* be collecting enough to cover our spending. To collect less and borrow for everyday government activities is irresponsible.

          Taxes on dividends are part of the current tax code. If you don’t like it, then work to change it. But some other tax will have to increase to cover the change. People who have lots of investments generally love the idea of reducing taxes on capital gains. Far too many of them seem to care about the impact of such a change on the country and its other citizens.

          1. Government overpaid workers with bloated benefits retiring at 50. You want to know where the taxes go? That’s where it goes. The rest of the population who work in the private sector have to work for less and receive much less in benefits too. They support the government working slugs. That’s where your taxes go.

          2. This is so wrong headed – where to start…

            1. The goverment should be spending only to the level of what it collects. Spending like there is no tomorrow and then trying to raise taxes to cover the spending later is fruitless and foolish.

            2. The Feds could take 100% of EVERYONE’S income today and barely make a dent in addrssing the US debt.

            3. Taxing dividends REDUCES revenues. Increasing them further reduces revenues. This is Econ 101. It’s sad that people like kingmel failed that course.

            4. The money used to buy the Apple stock has already been taxed once. It should not be taxed again.

            5. Obama has spent more than the collected spending of all previous presidents combined. His spending at this level is intended to collapse the economy, not save it. Apple stock will plummet if he is successful.

          3. A company makes money, it pay taxes on it. Then it gives that money to the shareholders. And they pay taxes on it again.

            And some of those shareholders are companies. They pay taxes on it, then give that money to their shareholders. And they pay taxes on it yet again.

            Perfectly reasonable.

        1. Why does he get to be iCal’ed? iCal me, damnit! I want you to think of R2 when you begrudgingly reach and find those iPad mini posts while I await all the doubters and haters who swore it would never come to fruition.

          Make sure I’m duly noted in that iCal entry as well. I’m your downfall. To me you will bow on that glorious day.

    1. iBook is cool, too. I always wanted Apple to resurrect that name for a piece of hardware. It’s too good to sit on a shelf. I thought it would be fitting for an e-ink eReader like the regular Kindle, but Apple will never go down that road.

      If the iPad mini/Air is as light as John Gruber speculates (he thinks it could be in the sub-300 gram range, which would be orgasmic), and we can comfortably hold it in one hand for an extended period of time, then it will achieve what I wanted in an iOS e-ink eReader and “iBook” would fit just fine.

      Whatever they call it, it will be a dream come true.

  2. Couldn’t the iPod touch, with slight modification, become an iPad mini? It certainly would remove confusion for new buyers, not to mention the pricing.

    1. The problem is that the only modification the iPod touch needs is a slightly larger screen, say 4 inches. If Apple were to make it iPad mini sized, then they erase its pocketability which IMO is the heart of its usefulness. I would prefer if they leave the iPod touch as a pocket rocket while filling the gap between it and the iPad with a new 7-8 inch device. We’ll see whether or not Apple agrees.

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