Microsoft’s Nokia to hold NYC press conference on Sept. 5 – just in time to be obliterated by Apple

“In partnership with Microsoft, Nokia will host a press conference on September 5 at 9:30 a.m. in New York,” Lynn La reports for CNET.

“Though no details have been released, we anticipate that whatever is going to be said in Helsinki will also be announced in the Big Apple,” La reports. “Back in June, Windows Phone 8 was unveiled to developers during the Windows Phone Summit. So it’s not a huge leap to suspect that these two upcoming events will pertain to the new OS.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: And one week later, more people will be talking about the Zune than whatever vapor was emitted at Microsoft’s Nokia’s little dog and pony show. Perfect Ballmer timing, yet again.

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  1. One week of press is about the best MS – Nokia could hope for. There is really no good way to do this, if you’re doing it around Apple’s own announcement. If you do it after Apple, everyone will simply ignore you, as the world is abuzz about Apple’s latest stuff. If you do it before Apple, you get the few days worth of press until Apple totally shuts you up.

    There is simply no way to win, other than not to play at all.

    1. Apple hasn’t officially announced any event date. I would LOVE if Apple actually planned to launch it on the 4th or 5th but spread rumours it would be the week after. Nokia would be screwed–can’t change the date because it would then be obvious they were reacting to Apple, and you can’t push back into the week before Labour Day because many are enjoying the last days of summer.

      (No idea if announcements right after Labour Day are a good idea or not, but those before it are for stuff you want to hide and bury.)

  2. No. No! Let us all try to encourage Steve Ballmer that as long as he gives it a good try, everything will work out. Didn’t it work out for Ahab and that big white fish he was chasing?

    Good job Steve. Go for it! (Everyone else stand back incase the dancing monkey jumps in again.)

  3. I used to be a big Nokia fan. The older models (those big ones) had an excellent sound for talking. Very clear. I’ve been a loyal Nokia customer until my last phone. None of them were smartphones, but I did not need more.

    My last Nokia phone was awful. The ear speaker sound was bad. REALLY bad. You had to be in a silent room to hear anything. The phone lose signal randomly and never reconnected, so I was missing calls like crazy. It used to freeze!! Just like Windows! It was plain awful.

    Let this be an explanation for those to call use Apple used “fanboys” or “a cult”. How does someone goes from fanboy to hater? Simple. When the company puts profits in front of great products. That’s what’s going on with Nokia.

    Despite coming late to the smartphone party, the reason Nokia is sinking is mainly because they used to ship great products and now the ship crap products. Do they deserve to sink? Yes! Any company lowering their standards doesn’t care for their customers. And companies not caring for their customers deserve to die.

    In business, the customer experience is king. You mess it up, you’re done. I don’t feel sorry for Nokia.

    Apple, on the other side, puts quality first. Even being more expensive, you get a quality product. That’s what make Apple users loyal.

    1. But that’s just it, they DIDN’T arrive late to the smartphone party! They were making smartphones long before Apple! Remember the Nokia Communicator series? And those chunky phones with that godawful Symbian OS? I had one, it was hopeless. They weren’t late, they just didn’t know how to do it properly.

      But yes I agree, their products were great in the early days. Their feature phones set the standard. But that was a long time ago.

  4. The only way Ballmer could screw over Nokia more intimately than the famous Lumia 900 debacle would be if he bent Elop over on stage and took him right there.

    I almost feel badly for Nokia. Almost.

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