Samsung: Shameless slavish copiers

“No one can look at Samsung’s mobile products over the last decade and not consider them anything other than a ruthless, relentless copy of everything popular that’s came before,” Rene Ritchie writes for iMore. “It’s not that Samsung doesn’t continuously push the limits of hardware specifications and capabilities as much if not more than anyone else. They do. But they do so by systematically, institutionally copying what other vendors have already done first.”

“Samsung does it to such a degree, and with such a consistency, that it’s flabbergasting they can show up in court, swear an oath, and claim anything otherwise,” Ritchie writes. “Now they could claim it doesn’t matter, that all phones and tablets and icons should look alike, and would be understandable as a strategy. But claiming they don’t copy? Absurd.”

Much more in the full article, including many side-by-side photos of Samsung slavishly copying RIM, Palm, and Apple, – highly recommended – here.

MacDailyNews Take: What a horrid company. Samsung employees should be embarrassed.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Jax44” for the heads up.]

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  1. Yea right, tell us all again what Apple have invented. I mran invented not stolen someone elses idea. The court case is so one sided im surprized it hasbt been shut downg

    1. Sorry Chris you haven’t been keeping up with common knowledge about what Apple has invented and re-invented. Perhaps you should get educated elsewhere and then come back here to talk about it without sounding completely stupid. Or go back to sleep under the bridge troll.

    2. Give details, Chris, to back up your statement. With citations.
      And please, don’t make the same dumb mistake most make that Apple stole from IBM; they did not. They obtained information that IBM saw no future use for by legitimate means. Their mistake, like others they made over the years.

  2. I had a friend come up and ask me if he should buy the Galaxy S3. Apparently, he wanted it for the larger screen. I told him to wait for the iPad mini and he took my advice. We’re both waiting for the smaller, more portable iPad that you can carry around with you in a jacket pocket. He’s quite invested in the Apple ecosystem and I told him it would be madness to have to buy the apps all over again.

    I think if Apple released an intermediate device, that would preempt a lot of sales going to the bigger screen Samsung phone. I told him that as a matter of principle he shouldn’t be doing business with a blatant copycat, and he agreed with me.

    1. I do. Samsung products are forever banned in this household.
      Completely. Down to the HDDs for my NAS system. Down to the microwave oven and the fridge. All friends and family members are advised to avoid them too. (I happen to be the personal geek slave for my peers…the one who gives advises what to buy and repairs their stuff).

      1. Just remember, Samsung has a problem with stealing trade dress, not quality. Their products are otherwise pretty solid, hell, even Apple buys from Samsung … for now.

        Oh, and your NAS isn’t the only thing that may have a Samsung HDD in it, you should also check all of you Macs for them as well.

        Just sayin’.

        1. Apple is a corporation that may have its hand tied behind its back (it wasn’t expected, by Apple’s shortsightedness or whatnot, that a trusted supplier may betray trust blatantly like this) and pushed to a corner to sue a conglomerate that they are forced to do business with at the same time.

          I, as an individual, don’t have my hands or wallet tied in any such manner to Samsung. I accept the reality that many iDevices may carry and continue to carry Samsung products and it won’t deter me from purchasing those devices. However, whenever possible, I shall not indulge in any Samsung branded products. I won’t spend a penny if I may to a thief in broad day light against my continence.

          Makes sense to anybody?

    2. No Samsung copycat cheaply made products are allowed in this home also. That’s voting with my wallet and making a statement against Samsung. Samsung parts are only what Apple PAYS for and for their needs and to their specs and design NOT Samsung’s,

  3. I think copying may be somewhat ingrained in Korean corporate design. Over the years I’ve mistaken (from a distance) several models of cars to be a Ford, Jaguar, or some other International brand. Then, on closer inspection, they turn out to be a Kia or Hyundai.

    1. You hit the nail on the head. Copying on of the big reason Large Korean conglomerates are where they are today. Not just Samsung. But this copying is something that starts young and is ingrained deep in Korean culture. Education, business, governement etc. Since you brought up cars you should compare Korean cars to Nissan models. Also check up on the history of that as well.

    2. I know this verges on the racist, but: It is scary consistent in the Asian culture to be imitative instead of innovative.

      I completely get why China: Criminal Nation, destroys all incentive in its citizens to be productive. It’s communism/totalitarianism. That’s the default result.

      But Korea enjoys an open, capitalist free market where of course the incentive is to create, create, create! So wtf is wrong with them that they don’t create anything? Why does Samsung act like it’s China? Someone please enlighten us!

      1. One reason I LOVE Japan is that they beat the imitative trend and kicked the world’s ass with NEW technology. In its day, Sony was brilliantly productive and innovative. Despite Sony’s current Marketing-As-Management decay, that creative spirit remains vital in Japan!

        Hey Korea! Why not imitate Japan? 😉

  4. Apple invented:

    1. a tablet computer — including hardware software — that people actually wanted to use and buy

    2. a pocket personal communication & computer device — hardware software — that redefined the way the world thinks of mobile “phones”

    3. a revolutionary pocket digital music player and system — that many consider superior to anything that existed before

    4. insanely great computers — hardware software — that help people work, play, live

    Apple did not invent any of these classes of device and never pretended to. Apple did create unique and original implementations of these devices through hard work and good design. which they are entitled to protect.

  5. I have never understood anyone in any company actually stopping and denigrating creativity. Neither have many of these fracked up companies figured out that this behavior is entirely self-destructive. Witness Kodak. Case closed.

    So Samsung: Do you have a death wish?

  6. I made the mistake of reading some of the comments. God, fandroids piss me off. It’s like they know they don’t have a leg to stand on and so have to convince everyone, and maybe themselves, that Apple is some horrible company that steals all their innovations.


  7. “Now they could claim it doesn’t matter, that all phones and tablets and icons should look alike, and would be understandable as a strategy”

    That understandable strategy would also be illegal.

    1. If that was their strategy, they’d be arguing to invalidate Apple’s trade dress patents, which if successful would mean their copying was perfectly legal.

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