‘iPhone 5’ buzz pushing Apple stock back to early April highs

“Apple shares were trading at $626.56 in recent action. Apple last closed above that level April 10, when it ended the day at $628.44,” Tom Bemis reports for MarketWatch.

“Ina Fried at All Things D points out more iPhone price cuts are appearing at retailers, further evidence that a new model of the popular mobile phone is indeed on the way,” Bemis reports.

Bemis reports, “Apple shares ended higher in 7 of the last 10 trading sessions.”

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  1. Im guessing another facebook this time. All the hype and a fiz. Only a die hard would buy the same phone just a bigger screen. And with apple down to a measly 16.9% of market share, if they hit 25% after release they will be lucky. This iphone release will be the shortest honymoon of them all. But not a bad effort from a fruit company who copied a sony concept and are trying too call it their own.

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