Samsung tries to mislead jury while questioning Apple patent experts

“At the Apple v. Samsung patent infringement trial, “Apple called professor Rasvin Balakrishnan to testify about the ‘812 patent — also known as the ‘bounce-back patent.’ Balakrishnan was one of the best witnesses we’ve seen to date, taking the jury step by step through the nuances of the patent, and why some 20 Samsung smartphones and tablets infringe upon it in either their browser, contacts, or photo gallery apps,” Bryan Bishop reports for The The Verge.

“During cross-examination, Samsung attorney Kevin Johnson attempted to discredit Balakrishnan, first by trying to insinuate that two slides presented by Apple were incorrect. In fact, the images Johnson showed featured representative stills from a video the slides actually contained; the video itself was consistent with the labeling and testimony,” Bishop reports. “Johnson then challenged Balakrishnan by giving a live demonstration of a 7-inch Galaxy Tab that didn’t incorporate the bounce-back feature — while neglecting to mention what operating system or skin it was running. He followed it up with a video that he said proved the Galaxy Tab 10.1 didn’t use the feature either. Unfortunately for Johnson, Balakrishnan had to point out that in the video the user wasn’t actually scrolling to the end of the web page in question — a requirement to trigger the feature in the first place.”

Bishop reports, “Samsung pulled a similar trick when speaking to Karan Singh, a professor of computer science at the University of Toronto.”

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MacDailyNews Take: What do you expect from an sleazy den of thieves run by a convict?

Apple’s products came first, then Samsung’s:

Samsung Galaxy and Galaxy Tab Trade Dress Infringement

Here’s what Google’s Android looked like before and after Apple’s iPhone:

Google Android before and after Apple iPhone

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  1. I think that for a lawyer to introduce facts- e.g. his own testimony- as the part of cross examination and to lie when doing so, should be actionable, and the judge should rule in apple’s favor on that alone…. not to mention that this is the latest in a long history of these things.

    1. While I agree, it is my uninformed opinion that Koh will not give Samsung any reason to be able to complain about the trial. Hopefully these under handed tactics, lies and lack of regard for the judge (along with the actual slavish copying / stealing / wrongful profit of course) give Samsung a sting they won’t forget. Ever. Full damages, full costs, full ban. Maybe even a week in the stocks for all the execs…

    2. You see, in the US legal system, the lawyer of the defendant helps the criminal make up a knowingly false story and then challenges the court to disprove it, hat way getting him of he hook.

  2. Juries are easily mislead and the courtroom is full of theatrics. Reading some of the stupidity on the web about Apple being “heavy handed” by bringing suit, is so shocking that I wonder how a jury will see this. The facts are rather obvious before, during and after this trial, which is on such a limited part of the copying done by Samsung on Apple’s design, engineering and marketing. It appears that there are endless patents that have been violated. The end result is that this is likely to settle with some licensing to Samsung and some licensing from Samsung. I doubt this will ever go to the jury at all. Too much risk for both sides.

    1. Samsung had the opportunity to settle before the case went to Trial, Samsung as a Korean company will Not back down regardless, it’s not in the culture, they must follow through to save face, even if they are aware they had lost.

      Also, Apple has said many times “it will not license it’s IP to anyone for any reason”.

      What Samsung has done is Stolen Apples Design and Software API’s right down to the copying of the design Packaging and Power Adapter & Cord.

      Samsung has pushed this to far, and Apple will see this to the end.

      Read the real reason why it’s believed Apple is doing this, and it’s not about money or Licenses.

      Credit to Jim Dalrymple at the Loop for this great write up.

      Apple’s motive for suing Samsung:

      1. If it wasn’t about money, Apple wouldn’t be sueing for 2 billion. If it wasn’t about the money Samsung wouldn’t have copied Apple. If Samsung thought it was cheaper to settle, they would have. This isn’t a court case about pride. It about the money.

        1. If this was about money, Apple would sue for far more than 2.5 billion. They want an injunction anyway not damages.

          Try to pay attention and stop falling asleep in class, you are behind.

          1. Correct but ow they want both …. Money, injunction and to let others know, we protect our IP Property …..

            Should it not go at least 60-75 percent Apple’s way, it will be a win for Mr. DungShit ……. What I mean is Apple needs to have a win on both the TradeDress and Mr. Bounce CopyWrong and a couple others as well …..

            I do see Apple setting itself up to pay and opening offered to pay SamSucky for any of their little IP junk ……

            Way trial is going so far, I am sure the Jury sees the mulnipulation of SammySuck Lawyers ……

      2. Dalrymple is exactly right, and when you think about it, what is Samsung’s #1 consumer product. It’s a television.

        Its a given that Samsung will try to copy whatever it is that Apple is going to introduce in the future. What better precedent, to deter that copying, than to have Samsung found guilty of copying not one, but two Apple products.

        My gut tells me the Courts will react faster, and more forcefully, to a future claim of IP infringement by Samsung.

    1. What would make this great, is if Samsung lost huge in court, lost on Appeals, and the CEO of Samsung was forced to step down in shame, along with a handful of people running the phone devices department, full on bloodbath.

      Samsung’s devices banned, huge payout to Apple, and no further copy-Apple BS from Samsung ever again.

  3. “it’s hard to not see today’s antics as pushing just a bit too far. Whether the jury is taking notice or not still remains to be seen.”

    Tea Party Antics.

  4. Samsung and anyone associated with that organisation are scum.

    I will never ever buy any of their products and I will make sure everyone I know never does too.

    Why the fuck can’t they be honest and admit that apple created the market and the best products in that market.

    Apple spend god knows how many billions on displays, money now that will be going to sharp not Samsung.

  5. the old style os with cluttered and clunky desain ====> iOS
    the new modern and simplyfy, fast and fluid os =====> Windows Phone OS

    hey Apple, better you forget samsung and focus on your OVER-HYPE iPhone 5

      1. mom’s basement?

        Is this the original ZT, or a clone? The poster has his point of view, but spelling and grammar are poor. The original could at least spell correctly. Ahh, must be that Windows UI phone not the be called something that rhymes with ‘retro’.

    1. No, anonymous coward, paid Samsung troll ‘Android S’. There is nothing paranoid about Apple. There is everything creative about Apple.

      Samsung has lost the passion, and apparently the ability, for creativity. They are incapable of actual competition as a direct result. That’s the fact. There’s no point running and hiding from it. You’re going to have to deal with it if you expect Samsung to have a viable future.

      As I am ever ranting:
      Competition is the father of innovation.

      So start competing Samsung or rot and die. That’s the way it works, or doesn’t work in your case. 😥

  6. You gotta love the legal system.

    Count on it…. no matter how obvious it is that noShamedung ripped off Apple, they will find a way to find them not guilty and probably make Apple post on their web site that Shamedung has not copied and is the second coming of the Messiah.

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