Apple’s next-gen iPhone rendered in glorious 3D (with video)

“There’s a lot of ‘information’ out there on what the new iPhone 5 will look like – be it larger screens, coloured backs or a whole glut of new technology tagged on the back,” Dan Grabham reports for TechRadar.

“However, while there’s (unsurprisingly) nothing in the way of a genuine leak from Apple when it comes to the iPhone 5, there’s a wealth of content from fans trying to guess/hint what the new iPhone will look like,” Grabham reports. “We’ve sifted through the wheat and dropped the chaff – here’s our gallery of images we think show the most likely design of the iPhone 5 (or just things that would clearly never happen, but come on… it’s cool).”

Grabham reports, “TechRadar has now got on board with the 3D render gang and produced its own video of what the iPhone 5 may look like, taking inspiration from the most talked about rumours.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Attribution: Cult of Mac. Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]


  1. Well… if it doesn’t sport full USB & Centronics ports and isn’t razor thin -and- sharp enough to make sushi with, I will consider it a total failure and will be promptly moving to android.


      1. Geeze… I thought the centronics port might be a bit over the top. I guess not.
        Did you not notice the /s/i/h tags? they stand for sarcasm irony and humor (respectivly)

    1. The video presentation is top drawer. Kudos to the creators for putting it out there, even if it is just for fun.

      It’s what creatives do. In spite of the wrinkles in the Final Gather results in a number of stills and pans, the turntable animation of the iPhone standing up, was excellent 3D work.

      The voiceover wasn’t bad either.

      I aspire to that level of tight editing and lighting, but I’d rather play with puppets.

  2. And it’s called the iPhone 4S II. I can tell you now if it looks like this the analysts and media hounds will have a bleeding fit. Almost no tech critic wants to see a new smartphone that looks like last year’s smartphone. I think they want the iPhone to look more like the plastic-backed Galaxy S III. They’ll all say that the iPhone died with Steve Jobs and innovation is gone.
    The only good thing about the next iPhone is that most consumers won’t care what it looks like and they’ll be lined up around the block to get one or two. It will be the all time best-selling and fastest-selling smartphone. Apple will sell 50 million of them in a single quarter and all the pundits will crawl back into their smelly holes. I say if a design works, you stick with it and ignore the pundits.

    1. Yes, however many of us wrap them in shock-proof designs, that immediately cheapens the feel.

      I took mine out of its bullet-proof case after a year, to clean the case and the iPhone felt marvelous in my hand. It felt expensive by its heft and craftsmanship, but I am loathe to carry it around naked.

  3. The more and more I see the leaks the more and more underwhelmed and bored I am. I’ve had every iPhone there was, even the $500 iPhone 2G and I think I’m done.

    1. Yeah, I with you I’m tired of a phone that just works and has hundreds of thousands of useful applications, its boring. I’m moving to android with perry where you can catch viruses and spyware just by downloading an app from the official store. Where 85% of the apps are just junk and 3/4 of those won’t even work on your phone model and you are never quite sure even be able to make a call because some background task in android sucked the batter dry in a few hours.
      It’s all just so… exciting!

  4. Another connector… All 3rd party peripheral devices are now incompatible. Tale Sounddock stations as an example. There’s a lot of people having such thing… stupid.

    I’ve been a great Apple fan but lately they keep on disappointing me. Like OS 10..come on guys.. it used to be clean and fast. I literally don’t care about all the eyecandy which slows it down like hell… and I don’t care that current hardware can easily pull it. I want to use my resources for work, not for rendering eyecandy. Too bad Linux is still such an unuserfriendly dog to get things done… so I’ll just stick with it. But serioulsy.. Apple has changed..and not for the good..unfortunately 🙁

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