Google to include people’s Gmail in search results

“Google’s Internet search engine is getting more personal by highlighting information drawn from its users’ Gmail accounts on its main results page,” The Associted Presss reports.

“Google Inc. is initially testing the feature with 1 million Gmail users who must sign up to participate,” AP reports. “Gmail users who join the trial will be shown a list of relevant e-mails on Google’s main search results page if the correspondence contains a word entered in a search request.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Why not just give Google your bank account, routing, and credit card numbers along with your health records in perpetuity and be done with it?


    1. Are you being serious about Apple email addresses? Apple just migrated from mobileMe to iCloud and continues to offer email addresses as part of that. Though I have a gmail account I rarely use it because of my growing distrust of Google.

      1. Apple offers email but they are pretty good about protecting them…. As a matter of fact the first submission of my IOS app was rejected because it required the users email to auto send lost passwords…. We had to change this to a optional data field ….

  1. I use my email as my main.
    I have my I use for not so important stuff.
    I have my old concast email for spam etc.
    My gmail account… is my 2nd spam email. (I check it like once a month..)

    Time to dump the 2nd spam email.

    Get Lion+ or an iPhone/iPad/iPod touch. create your email for free.

    1. Apple doesn’t exactly give free email addresses to anyone going to You have to buy an OS X or iOS product that includes iCloud to get an email account.

      I think the lowest entrance fee is $20, which is the price of Mountain Lion from that App store – but that’s only if you already have a Mac new enough to run it. Otherwise I think it’s about $180 to get a refurbished iPod Touch.

  2. Google is a US version of Samsung. They are slime and will do anything for money. Here is a question for the “Obama” administration. How the fuck do you allow a company to provide email content in web searches?!!!!!!

  3. All the Fandroid people who will not use an iOS device because Android is ‘open’ do not seem to realize they they are living in a Fool’s Paradise.

    Everything Google does is designed to vacuum up every crumb of data to sell or use to organize and target advertising. Using a Fandroid is in essence carrying Big Brother in your pocket. The differences between this reality and that of Orwell’s 1984 is that it’s mobile, the adoption is voluntary, it’s being done by a corporation- not a government and is being done for profit instead of politics,

    1. For profit—sure, except it’s worse that that because the political landscape has been steadily morphing since the tech boom, becoming increasingly permissive with the spoiled children in Silicon Valley.

      In the Valley of the Washington lobbyists, those outsize footprints you see don’t belong to Bigfoot. They’re Google’s, and they’re getting bigger.

  4. That isn’t any more invasive than my iPhone showing email in search results (can I wen opt out of that?). Presumably the only way Google could know which email is yours is since you are logged into your Google account on the same browser you are using for search. I see this as a non-issue!

    1. Correct. It will only show matching results from your own email, not others. But that’s a scary notion. Imagine you check your email on a public computer and then forget to log out (your fault, but anyway). Then the next person does a Google search and your matching emails come up? A click takes them straight to your Inbox. Bad news.

      1. That is not a new problem. That has been happening since the first website allowed logins.

        Well microsoft took it to a new level with a cached login bug a few years ago with outlook web access but that is par for the course with MS

  5. I’ve been thinking about dumping google, but need to find an alternative to google aps for my company website. Anyone want to point me in the right direction? Ps- please don’t be mean, my question is sincere. Thanks

    1. Sad, Design, that you have to be concerned about people being mean on this site. True, some seem to be at times. But there are lots of good people here.

      If your company has its own website, I would think you would want your own company domain email accounts. You would talk to whoever is hosting your account. If you are paying someone exorbitant fees for handling your site, I suppose you can talk to them about it. The more control you have over your own site, the better though. My opinion.

      1. Hg Wells,
        Unfortunately I have no one to blame but myself because I’m the one who signed us up for google apps to have website and email for $10/year. Back in the old days, I could have used iWeb to design our site, and if memory serves, host it. (not sure about that) Not now 🙁
        At any rate, lots of people are unhappy with godaddy, so I’m not sure where to turn. Thanks for the reply anyway.

  6. Its your email they will allow you to search not other users.

    Its tying your main Google search to your email search.

    Non-issue its not like you can’t already search your gmail, you’ll just be able to do it without going directly into gmail with this feature

  7. Its kind of hard to believe that there are still people out there this dense and ignorant to continue using google email.

    It’s not even a good product.

    There is just no limit to the stupidity of people.

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