Apple reveals tactics in first week of Samsung patent infringement trial

“An Apple Inc. marketing executive revealed the company’s reliance on free press coverage and product-placement as it unveiled its case to jurors in the first week of a multibillion-dollar patent-infringement trial against Samsung Electronics Co.,” Joel Rosenblatt and Adam Satariano report for Bloomberg.

“Apple accuses Samsung of copying features from its mobile devices,” Rosenblatt and Satariano report. “The remarks offered rare glimpses of decision making at a company that ordinarily goes to great lengths to shroud its inner workings in secrecy. By lifting the curtain on its internal operations, the company is attempting to win over the jury to its argument that Samsung copied its ideas.”

Rosenblatt and Satariano report, “Apple seeks $2.5 billion for its claims that Samsung infringed patents.”

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        1. Thats Freaking retarded. It’s obvious you aren’t one of them. Most people with smart phones spend more time using applications than actually using the device to make calls. Also smart phones are basically pocket computers.

        2. Tflint : nice. I can live without my iPhone,iPod, iPad, iMac, and Mac Pro’s. I use them for business and entertainment. They are seemingly indispensable. But I do have a life. As much as I love them I could live without them. I did before I had them and I could again. Excellent comment.

      1. It was announced at the beginning of the week that there were 10 on this jury, then one was excused.

        While 12 on a jury is something of a custom, it is not necessarily law, nor in all courts. let alone civil vs. criminal.

        I was a witness in a criminal case where there were only 6 on the jury. Totally by coincidence and unbeknownst to the judge or lawyers, plaintiff, or defendant, one of the jurors was a friend of mine. Ah, the joys of living in a small town!

  1. I don’t like how Apple is being forced to reveal secrets left and right. This privileged information made public can be used for other companies as well, not just Samsung.

    1. My understanding is that Apple has the right too keep proprietary information within the courtroom. If Apple didn’t want this information to be made public, they’d say so.

      The only way I see this information helping Samsung or the rest of the tech industry is by teaching them how an actual/factual innovative company works, as opposed to the usual state-of-the-fart Microsoft/Samsung method. 😉

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