How the Internet found David Pogue’s missing iPhone

“Pro tip for thieves: If you’re going to steal an iPhone, make sure it doesn’t belong to a famed New York Times tech columnist,” Julianne Pepitone reports for CNNMoney.

“The story unfolded on Thursday like a real-time detective caper, in which local police were aided by a tech blog, Twitter, an app and GPS,” Pepitone reports. “It began just before 11:30 a.m. ET, when Times writer David Pogue tweeted that his iPhone had gone missing while he was riding an Amtrak train. He used Apple’s free ‘Find My iPhone’ app to track it, which revealed a screenshot of his phone’s location in Maryland.”

Pepitone reports, “Tech blog Gizmodo flung itself into the chase. It posted a story about Pogue’s dilemma just 20 minutes after his tweet, and writer Kyle Wagner spent the next several hours digitally pursuing the device.”

The full story is here.

MacDailyNews Take: If there’s one thing Gizmodo‘s good for, it’s finding stolen iPhones.

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  1. from the article
    “It was a happy ending for Pogue, but some on Twitter questioned whether the police would have worked so hard for iPhone owners who don’t write for the New York Times.”


    If it were my iPhone… i’d have used the same tactics, and driven there myself. 😉
    My Gravatar should explain the rest .

    1. my experience: stolen iPhone 4 (a week after release). Thief was uploading geotagged photos to my Flickr account – several pics over a week, all from similar GPS coordinates.

      Police: “we can’t do anything with that”

  2. For all the crappy shit Gizmodo did during that iPhone 4 fiasco, they’re currently a much better, less bias site than Engadget. Engadget are the ones Apple needs to stop inviting to press events- not gizmodo

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