NBC driving you crazy? How to watch official BBC Olympics coverage in the U.S.A.

“For Americans, coverage of the Olympics in London is mainly limited to NBC’s video stream offerings,” Jordan Kahn reports for 9to5Mac.

“Unfortunately, the network’s coverage, especially online, is receiving a ton of complaints as witnessed by the #nbcfail hashtag on Twitter,” Kahn reports. “Fortunately, there is a way to bypass NBC altogether and take advantage of the BBC’s official live stream coverage from inside the U.S. of almost every major event.”

Kahn reports, “All you have to do is use a DNS routing service [like Unblock Us] to get around the BBC’s region blocked streams… It is free for a week, and then it is $5 for the month.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Note to NBC dunces: The Internet happened, therefore tape delays are moronic. We couldn’t avoid knowing the outcomes if we tried (and we did).

Five hours before you decide to finally roll the tape of Phelps winning his 19th Olympic medal, we’re all asking, “So, are you going to watch Phelps win his 19th gold medal tonight?” It makes for less than compelling television, this not being 1976 and all.

So, NBC morons, take one of your many channels and dedicate it solely to live coverage and continue to rebroadcast the signature events in prime time as is your wont. That way, everyone is satisfied. That is all.


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        Considering how old the invention is, it is a remarkably “green” product being primarily linseed oil, pine rosin, cork dust (ground scrap cork), and wood flour (ground scrap wood).

        Actually, pine rosin is sometimes called “pine tar” in baseball so I guess you get a pass on this one, botvinnik 😉

    1. If they really don’t understand that a ceremony can be watched later but a sporting event has to be live they don’t deserve to broadcast any sports ever, let alone the Olympics. Would they put a five hour delay on their Superbowl coverage?

    1. Meaningless. The ratings could be higher if they catered to the audience for live sports. By ignoring them, how much audience are they losing? For many viewers, the answer to MDN’s question, “So, are you going to watch Phelps win his 19th gold medal tonight?” is “No, why bother. I already know the outcome.”

      NBC is run by fools like you.

      1. (facepalm)

        Approximately umpteen zillion hours of live coverage on NBC, NBC Sports Network, MSNBC, CNBC, Bravo, and two special HD channels dedicated to basketball and soccer, plus a website that streams every event in every sport live. EVERY EVENT. IN EVERY SPORT. LIVE.

        And NBC isn’t “catering to the audience for live sports”. Give me patience.

        What do you want them to do, have the sports director come over to your house and personally **** you?


    2. As long as this is true, there’s no way they will change.

      They have a monopoly on presenting the Olympics in the US, of course we will watch. I don’t have time to compromise my security to use some third party DNS/VPN etc.

      Basically do what MDN said, setup a bank of live feeds somewhere high in the channel listings, let it be raw whatever, just as long as it’s live.

  1. I could not believe it when the opening ceremony was on – I was watching it live with a friends PC turned on Skype in Brazil. It was pathetic that NBC chose to broadcast freakin Family Feud above the Olympics Opening Ceremony, and when they did finally come on, Costas and Brokaw started talking about security (!) while the show was on live and the torch was being lit! NBC is pathetic.

  2. As there were no Americans involved in the opening ceremony, NBC probably assumed nobody in the US would be interested in watching it. They probably don’t actually know where London is, unless it’s in Arkansas, Connecticut, Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky, Ohio, Texas or West Virginia. England would be stretching their geographical knowledge to breaking point.

  3. I refuse to watch any network television (ABC, CBS, NBC or fox) until the election is over. My life is too precious for me to waste even one second of it as captured audience for the FILTH the 1% are drowning us in this election cycle. They can waste their millions of dollars in ad lies and deceit, but they can’t make me watch it! I have the same attitude about M$ products. 😉

  4. Not only that, but NBC promoted the evening’s coverage of “Will Missy Win Gold?” by showing her biting her gold medal.

    Uh, it’s not appropriate to spoil your own promo, NBC.

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