Beleaguered Nokia releases pink nail polish to match Lumia 900 Windows Phone

“Recently we spoke to Nokia’s Nikki Barton, Vice President of Smart Devices UX Design at Nokia, about what the company is doing to cater to a female customer base,” Helena Stone reports for Chip Chick.

“Offering phones in bold color choices along with matching accessories has been one such method that they have been using to attract women,” Stone reports. “Well it looks like Nokia has taken things one step further with the launch of Nokia Lumia pink nail polish.”

Stone reports, “This hot pink Nokia Lumia polish is designed to match the pink version of the Lumia 900 which was recently introduced in the U.S., via AT&T.”

Read more in the full article here.

Steph Powell reports for Kiss and Makeup, “According to Valerie Buckingham, director of marketing for Nokia North America, the collaboration marks ‘the next generation of mobility’ because ‘phones are in your back pocket all day [and should represent] the most personal parts of your style.'”

Read more in the full article here.

Limited-Edition Nokia Lumia Pink Nail Polish
Limited-Edition Nokia Lumia Pink Nail Polish

MacDailyNews Take: Hoo boy, this one is simply shartastic! Is that Steve we hear chuckling from above? We had to read and reread “August 1” on these articles about seven times each to convince ourselves they didn’t say “April 1.” Looks like every day is April Fool’s Day for the poor bastards left at Microsoft’s beleaguered Nokia.

[Attribution: The Loop. Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]

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  1. A bold move by Nokia to differentiate itself in a swirl of interchangeable cell phones.

    Now it must move quickly to seize firm control of this emerging space by extending its product line.

    The smartphone is a natural fashion accessory, closely associated with the hands, face, eyes, and mouth. We’ll need colouring, contouring, a primer. Cosmetic industry analysts are already calling for eye and cheek palettes, a lip palette, even a dramatic blush to strengthen Nokia’s bottom line.

    The fully loaded Nokia Femme will thus possess a radiant complex to accentuate the casual, confident chic of the Finnish woman-about-town, one who will inspire adulation and emulation by girls the world over.

    Market dominance cannot be far behind, and failing that, well, Nokia once sold tires. It can do so again.

  2. Whenever I read your post on Nokia, it tells me that you crazy iphone lovers are afraid of Lumia.
    Wait for next Lumia sets with WP8.
    macdailynews, your posts tell me that this site is run by some teens.

      1. i saw my first Lumina in the wild yesterday. My new acquaintance said that he found smart phones too complex and wanted a basic phone to just make the odd call.

    1. Say what you want, Apple has made no move into the cosmetics. If your phone business is tanking, as it is for Nokia, it is better to cover your arse with alternative business opportunities. Nokia is test the cosmetics arm and next could be intimate apparel. Nokia Lumia Pink G-string, T-backs, and croachless panties. LOL…are boots and six inch heel shoes in the future as well!

    2. Wait for next Lumia sets with WP8.

      Yes please! I love having a good laugh.

      I can’t quite tell if you’re trolling @Singh. But you certainly are a newbie around here if you believe what you typed. Many of us here are hard core experts on the subject. We just happen to loathe crap technology. That’s all! 🙂

      1. Wow, you guys are expert. LOL
        I don’t think you guys know anything, coz you guys are nothing without indian tech experts.
        iphone is so boring, it has 100,000,000s useless apps.

        1. No my dear troll. I indian tech experts are our students. They’re willing to be part of the Slave Wage Movement, whereas we are not. We bet the great pay because we live on the bleeding edge, understand it and teach others how to use it.

          I believe you could learn more than a few things, like how to be coherent and knowing what you’re talking about. Your troll behavior is boring. We veterans of computer tech have heard all 100,000,000 bogus troll rants. Get some education and try again later. Bye-bye! 😛

  3. “Next step: turd polish.” -John Gruber

    But seriously, I always feel a little bad about beating up on Nokia and Windows Phone. Partly because it’s a little sad how far they’ve fallen and the massive advantage that they pissed away, but mostly because Microsoft and Nokia have shown the world (and Judge Koh, presumably) that it is possible to build a decent smartphone that isn’t an iPhone clone. And by decent, I mean better than Blackberry.

      1. Windows Phone jumps 277% in a year to take 3.2% of smartphone market share

        Congratulations. 3.2%, 32%, whatever. Notice how Windows still has about 85% of the desktop PC market. Sheep herd. Cockroaches cluster. Quality never equaled quantity.

        So your point is, hmm?

        You’re free to buy and use as you please. We are free to offer sympathy or sarcasm or derision when you champion crap technology over quality technology.

        But what is so extra-special about Metro GUI devices is how uniquely retrograde and annoying they are to use. Of course we’re going to wonder if you’re a masochist for choosing them over something user-friendly and efficient.

        Please do stick around and tell us how wrong we are to champion iOS devices! Years of training makes us extra skillful at trampling trolls, and we enjoy keeping our skills in top form.

        But do consider actually HELPING people instead of trolling them. I find it far more satisfying. 😀

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