Why Google is sweating the Apple v. Samsung trial

“When Apple Inc. and Samsung Electronics Co. face off in a high-stakes patent trial Monday, there will be another elephant in the room: Google Inc.,” Jessica E. Vascellaro reports for The Wall Street Journal. “Though the litigants are the two largest makers of smartphones, the closely watched case is also a proxy for a wider war between the two Silicon Valley companies vying to control their inner workings—Apple and Google.”

“Apple, which transformed the market with the 2007 debut of the iPhone, has launched a global attack on Samsung and other handset makers that use Google’s Android software,” Vascellaro reports. “The trial kicking off Monday in federal court in San Jose, Calif., could help bolster or refute Apple’s contention that Google’s operating system illegally copies software features of its own devices.”

Vascellaro reports, “A decision that Samsung’s Android-powered hardware infringes Apple’s patents could affect the outcomes of other cases, creating problems for the South Korean company and other Google partners around the world… The dispute’s legal chapter began more than two years ago, when Apple sued Android partner HTC Corp. 2498.TW +2.64% of Taiwan in March 2010 and Samsung in April 2011. In a 2011 authorized biography, Apple’s co-founder Steve Jobs called Android ‘a stolen product.’ Google executives have denied stealing designs from Apple.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Judge for yourself.

Here’s what Google’s Android looked like before and after Apple’s iPhone:

Google Android before and after Apple iPhone

There’s a reason why Apple CEO Steve Jobs hid iPad development from Google mole Eric Schmidt.

Apple’s products came first, then Samsung’s:

Samsung Galaxy and Galaxy Tab Trade Dress Infringement

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  1. I have no faith in the legal system of the United States. If you don’t think that Gaagle is doing any and all it can to get those jurors paid off as quickly as possible, then you must believe that Gaagle is an ethical company. What a cesspool of a system.

      1. You’re right. My only gripe is that is so ponderous and slow that for issues like patents Samsung gets to sell and profit by their design copy all through the process, and when the court finally renders a decision, Samsung has moved on to its next group of models of phones and tablets, and the whole point becomes moot.

      2. “But, it is ultimately effective in solving disputes.”

        Typical uninformed opinion. The vast majority of cases are solved by mediation because the courts are so slow and incompetant.

        Things that cant’ be mediated, like patent trials are often unpredictable, such that no matter how much apple is in the right we can’t trust the court system.

        But mindless idiots like you, “Educated” in american government run schools think everything is great, because that’s what you’ve been told to think.

    1. Attempting to directly pay off jurors would be stupid, far too much chance of being discovered. Lobbying your “friends” in washington to whom you have made copious contributions to, to pressure the judge (who can easily sway a trial by what they allow to be presented and whom they allow on the jury) That they can do (and likely are).

      You should move to a country without elections, that way their wouldn’t be the the possibility of graft WRT favors given in return for election donations. There are still a large number of dictatorships you could consider.

      1. You’re not actually under the impression that elections actually make a difference?


        After the hugely election popularity contest on the TV—

        the republicans work for…
        All the Major Corporations, Banks, Media and the Military.

        the democrats work for…..
        All the Major Corporations, Banks, Media and the Military.

        Neither party works for the people. The only thing they do for the people is seek to control them more and more. The baton just get switched every couple of years. Only suckers actually think there is a real difference in the parties at the end of the day.

        1. So quit squealing “waaa It’s all bad and I can’t’ do anything” like a offing baby and get involved.
          Get involved with a political party (whichever one suits you fancy)
          Find and support good people (you do believe those exist done you?) run for committeeman (most are uncontested)
          Your mix of outrage, helplessness and apathy are at once, pathetic, disgusting and sadly all too common.

          1. That’s okay thanks. I value whatever little freedom and time I have with my little family too much to go play political games with a bunch of power hungry assholes who like the rigged game enough to destroy people who get in their way.

            John F. Kennedy
            Robert Kennedy
            Martin L. King
            Malcolm X

            ….you get idea. If you want to waste your short valuable family on bullshit…be my guest. Maybe I’ll even protest vote for you.

            1. Better to whinge and whine about the darkness and to turn on a light eh?

              Do you think, perhaps, your children might learn more from watching their parent’s standing up for them selves and doing what the believe is right and just, rather than just having some extra time?
              Sadly, you typify the new liberal minions.

            2. sorry the lights came on when I finally got some clue about how the system actually runs. hint: it doesn’t actually work the way they sell on the tv.

              there is more than one way to stand up. not participating in endless self-delusion is one of them.

              if you want to know how government work at its core… check out the Franklin coverup on youtube and get a glimmer of why most normal people wouldn’t go anywhere near the positions of power with a 1000 foot pole.

              there are real and dangerous barriers to actual change. and if you don’t care about putting your family at risk, or wasting fruitless hours for a possible short term game change then go right ahead.

              from where I sit, there are only two things that can possibly change a system that is so unbelievably, disgustingly corrupt to it’s maggot core…

              1. worldwide natural catastrophe leading humanity to start all over again

              2. worldwide mass instant awakening from our day to day hypnotic enthrallment.

              since i’m essentially an optimist, I yearn for option 2 everyday.

              i’m not whining at all. after researching and understanding better how things really work in the world, i’ve chosen how to spend my limited lifetime on this planet and it’s all about family and enlightenment.

          2. Join a party? Didn’t you understand that he is of the opinion that both are hopelessly under the control of the moneyed. It would be easier for him to just become a billionaire and then buy his own politicians. Joining either party or even a third party would not change the system. From now on “corporations are people my freind” as one of our presidential nomonees has stated. The chasm between them and us grows greater every day. And your solution is to join and assist them?

            1. You are obviously clueless about how the system runs.
              Why don’t you try getting involved, and making you voice heard (whatever your beliefs are)

              Without knowing anything at all you throw your hands up in the air and run around saying every thing is fixed and no one can change it. Absolute rubbish….
              Politicians only have the power that those unwilling to do anything at all (like you and tanz) cede to them.

            2. LOL. It’s you who don’t seem to know how the system actually works. The politicians you see on the tv — senators, congress people, presidents — are simply minions and bitches of those who actually run the planet and make the real decisions. Why don’t you know that?

            3. It is pretty amusing to watch Tessellator say, essentially, “Think a system is so corrupt that there is no fair way to compete within it? Compete anyway!”
              The problem is that the electoral process in this country is so corrupt that the only way to “win” is to sell yourself to the people writing the script. In other words, the only way to win an election is to become the evil you want to defeat.
              Many people are trying to go after the real source of the problem, but that requires getting people to wake up to the fact that elections are a distraction. Watching Tessellator here demonstrate who hard that will be is discouraging. I sure hope people are smarter than that, or at least willing to learn.

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