Apple iPhone 5 front and back panels purportedly captured on video (with video)

“On the heels of photos claiming to show the front and back of Apple’s next-generation iPhone, a new video shows a close hands-on look at the parts, giving an idea of how such a device might look and feel,” AppleInsider reports.

“The video, posted on Monday by Japanese blog Macotakara, shows what are alleged to be the front glass panel and the back panel of Apple’s next iPhone, expected to launch later this year,” AppleInsider reports. “It feature the slightly taller 4-inch display that Apple is expected to adopt, as well as a headphone jack moved to the bottom of the device, and a smaller dock connector port.”

AppleInsider reports, “The front of the pictured handset retains the home button that has been on every Apple smartphone since the first iPhone launched in 2007. In the video, the user can be seen stretching their thumb from the top to the bottom of the screen, demonstrating how the larger 4-inch display can still be operated using one hand.”

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    1. Incorrect.

      You are going to buy the iPhone 5 and bitch and whine about how unpretty it looks. Then you’ll put a cover on it (like you have always done previously) negating any reason to be bitchy. Go buy a Samsung already.

      I personally find the look of this phone to be pretty awesome.

  1. I wonder if that was carbon fiber.
    Also, I think one of the reasons to re shape the connector is because apple will eventually put a thunderbolt connector in there.

    1. a thunderbolt connector on a iPhone? for what? everything is cloud based, contacts, cal, mail, notes, docs, music, movies, books, podcast, sync via wifi. I hardly even connect my iPhone to my Mac. it would be a waste of space.

  2. All these “leaked iphone 5’s” are looking the same. They say where’s there’s smokes there is fire. I hope not. I’m not a big fan of the look.
    Though like I seen a post earlier, I’ll probably be sold on the software.
    I wonder, I’ve Only been sucked into apple since the 3GS. Has any other iPhone been leaked before? And it actually looked exactly like the one apple put out? I remember the lost one at a bar but I don’t think it had a iPhone 4 body on it.

    1. I do, I remember I had one very slim sony walkman, barely the size of the tape, just one baterry, auto reverse and it was capable to play CrO2 tapes.
      SONY WAS a good company…. to bad they decided to go to the dark side.

      1. They didn’t really go to the dark side, they just spread themselves way to thin by expanding beyond control into the music an entertainment music ( and eveything else cosumer…) and lost focus…

    1. Not necessarily. I usually put my iPhone in my pocket upside down, display inwards. That way it is in the optimal position when I take it out of my pocket. Headphone port on the bottom is perfect for that.

  3. I’m still trying to understand the point of a longer screen, it just doesn’t seem to make sense, what is the real benefit of a longer screen, it just seems that the applications will get screwed, I don’t see it, taller and not wider….Maybe I’m crazy, some please help here!!

  4. Let the speculation begin. Nothing is official until announced by Apple. Don’t get your expectations too high, or you’ll be disappointed at iPhone 5 too.

  5. If they made it a different aspect ratio how the sodding hell are they going to make all the current apps work without lame top and bottom black bars or even lamer stretching of the image.

    All the chat about Android being fragmented will suddenly become true for iPhone.

    There better be a good way round it.

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