Photos of purported complete next-gen iPhone leaked (with photos)

“iLab has managed to get a set of high resolution photos of the purported, pre-production, next-generation iPhone 5 repair parts supporting all the recent rumors about upcoming phone,” CydiaBlog reports.

“The parts includes – backplate, panel frame, Home button flex cable, Flex sensor cable, Power Flex cable, Home button, Volume buttons, digitizer, and more,” CydiaBlog reports. “The parts have striking resemblance with the schematic photo and hands-on video hinting a taller 4-inch iPhone in production.”

CydiaBlog reports, “But the really interesting part here is the two-tone design, which bears a resemblance to the original iPhone.”

iLab iPhone 5 front photo

iLab iPhone 5 rear photo

More info and many more photos in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Fred Mertz” and “Lynn Weiler” for the heads up.]


    1. I was thinking more deviation in the chassis. But it seems more & more that Apple will milk the traditional designs dry. Note how the MacPro tower has only changed incrementally over the last 6 years? The bold & revolutionary product designs may be a thing of the past. Especially since no court in the world seems willing to product designs–maybe it’s no longer worth it to produce something ‘different’?

      1. What do you want? There are limitations on Apple due to screen size, as in horizontal vs. vertical dimensions. App developers have created hundreds of thousands of apps to work within certain dimensions. Plus, there are usability issues which basically dictate a rectangular screen size. And the screen determines the smartphone.

        Sure, Apple could make some strangely shaped case, but the screen is still going to have to be rectangular. And that is the driving factor behind the iPhone’s shape.

    1. Then again, Apple is looking little by little, less like a Steve Jobs company. When big bad Steve ain’t around to say, “THIS IS SHIT” shit gets out the door.

      1. Yes, Jony Ive clearly doesn’t know what to do without Steve around, and apparently he was just the machinist to Jobs’ designs.

        Good Grief, people, there is more than one person who ever walked this Earth who could design a great phone case. Just because you don’t like something (and in this case, a supposed photo of a rumored device with unknown sources), doesn’t mean it isn’t a good design or appropriate for Apple to release.

    1. Oh please be right. Please be right MacHeadB.
      Maybe Samsung is leaking those images cause they know it makes the Galaxy S III look even more spectacular.

    1. There was no 1962 Buick Riviera. It was produced starting in 1963. It was a masterpiece of automotive design. No fins. One of the most beautiful cars ever made.

  1. I remember when I saw the iPhone 4 pictures for the first time. It was a shock. “What the heck is that…it looks too ‘industrial'”, people said. It wasn’t till I actually got hold of one that I actually fell in love with it.

    I’ll reserve my judgement till I actually get get one.

  2. A thinner, sleeker, more refined, bigger screened version of my iPhone 4.. I’ll be waiting in line to pick one up!

    This is much too polished with too many leaks to be a fake. And if you think about it, it makes sense.. there isn’t much opportunity for design flexibility; once Apple does the curved back (eg iPod touch and iPad), there’s no turning back.. forever. This design allows Apple some additional differentiation before they land on that final design.

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