‘Method actor’ Ashton Kutcher taking Steve Jobs role too far, accused of being ‘mean’

“Steve Jobs had a reputation for being a genius, but also for being difficult to work with, and it seems Ashton Kutcher, who is playing the late Apple founder in a new movie, is taking his character’s traits a little too much to heart,” RadarOnline reports.

“A person working on the indie film, Jobs: Get Inspired tells Radar that the actor refuses to ‘come out of character’ after the cameras stop rolling and that even during lunch he ‘doesn’t crack,'” RadarOnline reports. “‘He’s not been nice to people on set. He’s been really mean to everyone, even when he’s off camera,’ the source says — going on to claim that Ashton is taking the role so seriously that he won’t even let his rumored fling Mila Kunis on set because she’s a distraction and ‘he’ll break character.'”

RadarOnline reports, “The insider says that at first he didn’t understand why Ashton was being so terrible to people even when the cameras weren’t rolling, but he was quickly filled in. ‘I didn’t understand when he started yelling at people. A PA had to explain to me that Ashton was insistent on staying in character at all times on set. I’m pretty sure this a whole new way of acting for him, it’s kind of bizarre.'”

Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs on the set of  "jOBS" bioflick
Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs on the set of “jOBS” bioflick

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MacDailyNews Take: Mila Kunis is quite the distraction.

As for the rest of it, whatever promotes the flick, we guess. Ashton, if you’re in there: Less “mean” and more “mercurial,” m’kay?

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Fred Mertz” and “Lynn Weiler” for the heads up.]


  1. His looks r right, but why choose an actor who is stereotypically goofy in most of his roles to play a charismatic genius! It’s tantamount to the hopelessly irritating Will Smith playing the great Mohammad Ali! Politically, Hollywood has demonstrated time and time again their complete lack of sensibility. This just bolsters their stupidity! I hope Kutcher will be a pleasant surprise and emulate the amazing gifts Steve shared with us, but I doubt it!

    1. I still haven’t forgiven director Barry Sonnenfeld for casting Will Smith as James West in the movie version of THE WILD WILD WEST. Just plain dumb, yes and irritating thrusting that predictable misfire in front of people’s faces. Hey let’s cast Josh Brolin to play Martin Luther King while we’re at it.

    1. Apple is nowhere close to being run into the ground.

      Your tireless, baseless assault on Tim Cook however has been run into the ground. Bury it already, we got it. R2 doesn’t like Tim Cook.

      1. One of these days the reason for the baseless and tasteless assault of Tim Cook by folks like R2, x, Thelonis Mac and – yes – MDN – needs to be embarrassingly outed.

    1. Your doubts are granted. Jobs was not mean without reason — this was his way to challenge people, to see if they have beliefs and can stand for their work and their solutions. This was the way to make people work better.

      Jobs was not known to be mean just to be mean. I doubt that Kutcher is mean in off the camera in the same way and intent that Jobs was.

      If so, then it is poor imitation of Jobs’ character.

  2. “Method acting” would imply he can act. He can’t act. One aspect of the role gives him the excuse to be himself. Kutcher: “This role’s brilliant. I can be the asshole I really am and let people think I’m just into the role.”

  3. WOW. When I read such political HATE in articles like this, I have to wonder if Americans, in general, hate each other this seriously, or is this just anonymous web hate postings.??????

    It seems that we have lost the ability to have middle ground in this country. (Its either “MY” way or the highway. Ah heck, get the hell out of the country either way and just leave ME alone)

    It is a scary time.

  4. No, not cherry-picking. I will be more than happy to bomb this thread with FACTS, you want links too?

    I will agree that Washington is broken, D/R really they all act the same, like a bunch of corrupt, back knifing lawyers beholden to their campaign financiers, not the people.

    I will demonize how I see fit, I am a thoughtful person, my views evolve. I have little tolerance for bigots and small minded people.

    After my military service I thought I was a republican, even worked for the local party, but like everyone should do, I started challenging ideas, assumptions and started looking for the other side, seeking data and more information. And most of the GOP positions were getting to be too extreme, I no longer agreed. I got involved with local charity and environmental groups and found it much more rewarding, much more honest.

    I’m no Democrat, I roll independent, but I would consider my stance “progressive” and more than a little “liberal”. The Democrat party is inept, they take too much shit and do not stand up to the GOP and fight with any spirit. The GOP has no problem hammering their points, however misguided they may be.

    I’m pro-choice, always will be. Many clinics only perform abortions up to 7 or 8 weeks. An embryo doesn’t even become a fetus until the 9th week. After that it becomes much riskier to perform.

    What I fail to understand is the GOP steadfast support of the death penalty, war, reducing welfare, yet these little unborn lives are of the utmost importance. Collateral damage, perfectly OK, just not abortion? It makes no logical sense. Either ALL lives are precious and need support, or they don’t. Seems to me the GOP are the cherry pickers.

  5. I see MDN has filtered my posts and the whole thread.

    Amazing, you will let the neocon trolls spout endless insult and bafoonery here, but as soon as it is challenged you erase it all.

    And to think, it was actually a discussion…

    1. I enjoyed our debate. I hope we as Americans can find common ground in the future and think for ourselves rather than with either the Democrats or GOP. I see it as eventually destructive because we are drawing the line in the sand and picking sides, and historically that never ends well. Thanks for expressing your opinions. I respect them.

      1. I agree, better to discuss and LISTEN to both points of view. We are not perfect nor infallible. The discussion does tend to get heated these days, especially here on MDN. Our government would do well to find more compromise. The obstructionists in power these days should all be run out of town.

        I find it refreshing to actually discuss points of view and why we disagree with party positions.

        I try not to get so heated, but a person can only be called names and have their viewpoints flippantly dismissed before they shut up or get nasty too. Typically, I refuse to shut up and as a result my arguments sometimes get nasty.

        Sorry I didn’t get to see all your responses Tyler, Despite our political differences, I think we could find enough middle ground to be friends. I am imaging a couple hundred macs today and was bouncing back and forth, and came back to find the thread gone.

        Back on the Mac topic, if you have a large installed base of macs and are not using deploy studio, you are crazy. I’m doing batches of twenty at a time over the network (GigE) and it is a 15 minute restore. I love it..Even better than that it is FREE..

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