New iPhone 4S Siri ad features Martin Scorsese (with video)

Apple has debuted a new television ad for iPhone 4S and Siri on U.S. broadcast and cable networks.

In the ad, Siri helps film director, screenwriter, producer, actor, and film historian Martin Scorsese change up his jam-packed schedule on the fly.

Scorsese: Siri, what’s my day look like?
Siri: Another busy day today!

Scorsese: Are you serious?
Siri: Yes, I’m not allowed to be frivolous.

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  1. It’s official–Steve Jobs just rolled over in his grave. These commercials are about the celebrity and not about the product. While funny, they are not the Apple advertisements of the past that were cutting-edge and wholly unique.

    1. There’s a variety of types and styles to their ads. SIRI is a whole new interface where they are trying to make technology more personal.

      The celebrity ads help to convey the warm personal message they are striving for.

    2. Steve would have celebrities to do commercials which highlight their personalities. For instance Jeff Goldblum did an ad for the original iMac that is very similar (highlighting his personality) That one didn’t even show a picture of the product. (as I recall it was just a H&S of Goldblum talking about the iMac and what you could do with it)

      I think this last crop of ads is very much in keeping with what steve did.

    1. Absolutely on target BLN… Siri responds correctly less than 50% of the time – even if my commands/questions are simple and straightforward – nothing anywhere close to what Martin is doing in this ineffective ad. I’ve quit trying and hope it just works (constant broken promise from Cupertino) with the new phone.

    2. I agree. I keep asking Siri for good stock tips and she just is not aware of the market… How terrible.. 🙁

      And when I mutter under my breath, or bitch or complain is short utterances… well, she is just no good after all…

      Just a thought,.

      PS, For about 6.5 million, you too can own a mainframe with a mega quality software personal assistant that will listen very closely just for you….. I am sure she will be much better than
      siri. Or you could pay about 100,000$ per year for a real person who would be much better than Siri…

      Just saying.

      1. eldernorm,

        I have a feeling those who bitch about Siri being terrible probably have great difficulty communicating with people as well. All I do is speak clearly into my iPhone, and Siri “gets it” about 95% of the time. She even knows the flying speed of English swallows!

    3. A friend of mine could never get Siri to work well until he got a Bluetooth ear clip thing so he could talk on the phone while working. He says Siri works almost all of the time now, when using the Bluetooth microphone.

  2. I want to be able to change her voice.

    On the Mac I can download dozens of voice profiles. I would like to sync any one of them to my phone. Then when I am tired of that, sync another.

  3. These celebrity commercials just simply aren’t as good as the ones featuring lesser known people. In addition to overshadowing the product, they just aren’t that engaging or funny.

    I should state though that Siri has performed very well for me and I have no problem replicating all the things demonstrated in the commercials.

    I’m looking forward to the Siri upgrades in iOS 6.

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