RUMOR: Apple to release ‘iPhone 5’ on September 21st

“According to a French blog site, the highly anticipated iPhone 5 featuring a larger screen and a 19-pin dock connector will be released on Friday, September 21, 2012,” John Brownlee reports for Cult of Mac.

“Citing a source within China’s third largest accessory maker, claims that Apple has released a few scant details to accessory makers, including a target date in late September,” Brownlee reports. “If the September 21st date pans out, that would imply that Apple will officially unveil the iPhone 5 ten days earlier, as they did with the iPhone 4S. Would Apple really announce a new iPhone on the anniversary of September 11th, though?”

Brownlee reports, “We doubt it, but don’t think this is a dealbreaker: Apple could easily push the announcement a day earlier or a day later if they’re feeling like a 9/11 iPhone announcement would be in bad taste.””

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    1. Other than the date, how is this any more different than any other rumor?
      Rumors or lies, to drive traffic to blogs. Yawn. Watch everyone lap it up…

      1. Small correction: Nano SIM.

        iPhone 4 and 4S are already using the Micro SIM, and almost all other GSM-type phones use Mini-SIMs (though mini is usually dropped in everyday use, since the original SIMs were the size of credit cards and only used in special cases now)

  1. If there’s one source of news I trust for all things Apple, it’s a French blog site. What, we’re there no Maltese street vendors around that could confirm this story?

    1. There are indeed a few such Maltese street vendors who will definitely confirm the story for a few Lira, or Euros.

      Similar remarks apply to bloggers, whatever the currency. Why, the cited French blog could be one such.

      Rumor peddling: world’s third-oldest profession.

  2. Why so precise as to say “10 days earlier” and land it on Sept. 11, is it just to evoke controversy over something that isn’t anywhere near confirmed yet?

    That said, 9/11 was 11 years ago. The first, 5th and 10th anniversaries had greater significance, but even commentators covering the 9/11 ceremonies last year said it would probably be the last “big” memorial event (until the 20th).

    Never forget, and I don’t think Apple would announce on the 11th, but at some point you have to start leaving the past behind, moving on, and not turn the date into some kind of taboo where nothing significant is allowed to take place.

    1. Even if the announcement falls on 9/11, I don’t think Apple has anything to worry about with regards to “tarnishing” the reverence of the date. Bloomberg has seen to that with the last ceremony and the fact that the clergy wasn’t included for formal prayers. And wasn’t there less dignitaries due to holding the event at a location that is being rebuilt and has less space then earlier ceremonies? We don’t hold Pearl Harbor with such reverence or D-Day either. They have quietly been filtered down. Same with other significant dates of events throughout the course of our nation’s history. We celebrate July 4th, our Independence Day, and yet it was just a declaration by some politicians, imagine that, and wasn’t worth the paper it was printed on until the men and women, did the grunt work and fought and won the actual independence for our country. Can anyone, without Googling or looking in an encyclopedia or asking someone, tell me the date and location, when the British basically surrendered to Washington? Or the treaty that formally ended the war? And why don’t we celebrate THAT date? Did we ever? What about the end of the Civil War? April 9th, just another day. Although we did get “Decorations Day” to honor the dead, that eventually became Memorial Day.

      To sum up, Apple is safe, especially with their form of advertisement. They make a one time announcement and then let word of mouth spread it versus bombarding you with TV commercials. At least that is how I feel.

      1. True most Americans don’t pay attention to D-Day.

        But the people of Normandy and France do! I’ve been fortunate enough to celebrate anniversaries of D-Day numerous times in the past ten years in Normandy. The French are genuine with their thanks and affection for the many GIs who helped liberate them from Nazi occupation.

  3. If you think about every date on the Calendar has some tragedy attached to it. 9/11 is still just a little too fresh & sensitive though I had a niece getting married on that day recently. Maybe a sign it’s starting to recede in earmarking it as a day to avoid, though never forget.

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