New Apple recruitment video may have leaked the existence of a larger-screen iPhone 5

“We’ve seen Apple’s recruitment videos for its retail stores in the past, but what looks to be an authentic corporate recruitment video has been found and published by 9to5Mac,” Jon Russell reports for TNW.

“Most interestingly is the possibility that the video has exposed a couple of internal secrets,” Russell reports. “At 0:57, a wall of mock-up shots contains what could be interpreted as the design for the rumoured smaller iPad/larger iPhone.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: We highly doubt that Apple would allow an industrial video crew within 1,000 feet of a room with authentic next-gen iPhone images stuck on a wall, if such a place even exists outside Jony Ive’s highly fortified bunker.

If anything, those are printouts of “iPhone 5” mockups from Chinese websites that the video crew put up there as a prop/in-joke.


  1. An iPhone image blown up on a piece of paper is not indicative of a larger iPhone. It’s indicative of printing large.

    And, Apple doesn’t expose new technology or products in such a public way on campus. There would be no board in a conference room or hallway where images are left up for passerby’s to see.

    There’s no story here. Move along.

  2. It makes me wish Steve Jobs was back because no one is there yelling “THIS IS A PIECE OF SHIT! WHO DESIGNED THIS! FIRE THEM!” That highly constructive assholeness was the real magic behind Apple excellence.

    I’m seeing some slipshod development under OS X.

    1. Much as I love my Macs, OS X has always had some slipshod development.

      For example, dial-up networking was broken in OS X for many users for all versions of 10.0 and 10.1. It’d successfully dial in once, but subsequent attempts to dial-in would be preceded with your machine hanging for at least 30s. Unfortunately I was stuck without broadband in that era, so would suffer from this. The only fix was a reboot.

      My theory on that particular bug is that the developers just didn’t care at all about dial-up, since they were sat on their office LAN with a big fat pipe onto the internet. They therefore didn’t test it beyond a single dial-in.

    2. Apple’s culture has always produced a bell curve distribution of products; compared to their peers, it’s just shifted to the right.

      It’s not correct to say Apple is post-Steve more inclined to mediocrity. We’ll won’t know how well they’ve recreated themselves for a few years.

  3. Bullshit. It looks to me that they were working on the Apple Store website design. There’s a shot that follows that shows the board standing next to the first board. And we can SEE what’s on that second board. And it’s printouts of the Apple Store. Specifically it’s a version of THIS page:

    So the first board probably had something similar on it. My guess is you are looking at shots of Apple TV and the iPod Touch.

  4. This is PR video that purports to be a recruitment video.

    Solidifying the message about the “niceness” of Apple.

    1/ enjoyable, pleasant, agreeable, good, satisfying, gratifying, delightful, marvelous; entertaining, amusing, diverting, lovely.

    2/ pleasant, likable, agreeable, personable, congenial, amiable, affable, genial, friendly, charming, delightful, engaging; sympathetic, simpatico, compassionate, good.

    3/ polite, courteous, civil, refined, polished, genteel, elegant.

    4/ subtle, fine, delicate, minute, precise, strict, close; careful, meticulous, scrupulous.

  5. Yeah, and monkey’s could fly out….

    Seriously, is this Jon Russel guy in Jr. High, having not a clue how commercials and video’s like this are produced. What a dope. Sorry, it just is what it is… ridiculous.

  6. Watching that video reminds me of how much I miss working for Apple. Got screwed after 10+ years being there and told I’m not allowed to return. Not corporate, not AppleCare, not even retail. I’ll still continue to buy the products because they’re the best in the world, but I miss being part of it all. It was the best job I’ve ever had.

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