Amazon phone threatens all other Android phone makers or something

“Amazon already has a smartphone at the testing stage, according to The Wall Street Journal,” Adrian Kingsley-Hughes writes for Forbes. “Given Amazon’s success with the heavily-modified Android-powered Kindle Fire tablet it is likely that any smartphone that the company comes out with will run a similarly-modified Android operating system.”

“Amazon’s success with the Kindle Fire tablet is down to two things — the low price of the device and the way that the Android operating system has been dumbed-down to make it accessible to all. Amazon didn’t go after the iPad with the Kindle Fire, and it is unlikely that it has the iPhone in its sights with whatever smartphone it has in the pipeline. That formula helped Amazon come from nowhere to capture over 50 percent of the Android tablet market while simultaneously pounding the competition into the dirt,” Kingsley-Hughes writes. “It worked for tablets, so it’s likely that Amazon will try the same for smartphones.”

MacDailyNews Take: Amazon’s “success?” Kindle Fire “worked?” By which planet’s definition; based upon what data? Certainly not those found on Earth:

• Apple’s revolutionary iPad widens lead as tablet sales surge – June 15, 2012
• Apple’s massive domination of tablet market unabated as Amazon’s tiny screen Kindle Fire demand tumbles – June 5, 2012
• Apple’s iPad remains dominant in Q112 while Amazon’s tiny screen Kindle Fire fizzles – June 4, 2012
• Amazon’s tiny screen Kindle Fire shipments have dropped off a cliff – May 9, 2012
• Amazon’s Kindle Fire shipments fizzle to anemic 4% market share – May 4, 2012

Kingsley-Hughes writes, “Apple doesn’t have any reason to fear an Amazon ‘Kindle Phone,’ but everyone else trying to sell handsets needs to brace for a major dent in sales.”

Full article, how much more of it is baseless poppycock is anybody’s guess, here.

MacDailyNews Take: People who continue to point to Amazon’s Kindle Fire as a success put their credibility at considerable risk. If you’re going to claim something, it’s prudent to present facts to back up your claims.

If the “Kindle Phone” follows the trajectory of the Kindle Fire, it will quickly sell out the initial production run to a bunch of ignorati cheapskates and then sales will promptly dive off a cliff at which point Bozos will slash his production orders and clam up even tighter about the POS.

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  1. The new Amazon phone threatened all other Android phones. Apparently, it demanded their lunch money and told them that if they told the principal, the new Amazon phone would make their lives “very difficult indeed”. I’m trotting you here, man.

  2. The Kindle Fire is a success, but not relative to the iPad. It is a success relative to Ll of the dismal Android tablet failures that preceeded it. The B&N Nook was probably the best small tablet option prior to the Fire.

    That said, the iPad still rules and should continue to rule for many years.

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