iPhone / Android users more likely to vote for Obama than Romney, survey claims

Velti today unveiled the results of a nationwide online survey that shows a nearly 20 percent difference in political alignment among voters who own either an Android or iPhone smartphone, illustrating the value of greater behavioral understanding in advertising and marketing to this important emerging demographic. The survey was conducted online, on Velti’s behalf, by Harris Interactive among nearly 800 iPhone and Android smartphone owners.

When asked, “If the presidential election were held today, who would you vote for?” 49 percent of iPhone/Android owners say they would vote for Barack Obama. 31 percent say they would vote for Mitt Romney. At present, traditional presidential polls show Romney pulling slightly ahead in the race when Americans are surveyed, regardless of smartphone preference.

“The results of this survey demonstrate that the smartphone market is becoming a whole new demographic that candidates must take into consideration when building a comprehensive campaign strategy,” said Krishna Subramanian, CMO, Velti, in the press release. “Clearly, mobile advertising is emerging as an influential medium and a distinct audience. We are just beginning to see a more strategic use of this platform, such as Mitt Romney’s iAd campaign, and believe that others will follow suit. More importantly, the survey results reveal that greater intelligence in understanding the behavior of this emerging demographic can be a critical differentiator in brand awareness and consumer behavior across any number of markets and applications.”

The study also found a significant education gap between supporters of the candidates. Of iPhone/Android owners with a college degree or higher, 35 percent plan to support Romney, while 56 percent plan to vote for Obama. Among wealthy iPhone/Android owners — those with a household income of $75,000 a year or greater — 39 percent plan to vote for Romney while Obama maintains a 10 percent lead, with 49 percent of that population planning to re-elect. Romney does, however, maintain an advantage over Obama among retirees, with 57 percent of retired iPhone/Android owners supporting him vs. 34 percent who would vote for Obama if the election were held today.

Overall, the survey found that supporters of each candidate were more evenly split across their choice of smartphone: Obama voters were comprised of 47 percent iPhone owners and 50 percent Android owners, while anticipated Romney voters were made up of 34 percent iPhone owners and 29 percent Android.

Other interesting trends uncovered among iPhone/Android owners who said they would vote for Barack Obama if the presidential election were held today include:

• Over half (54 percent) of male iPhone/Android owners surveyed who are age 18-34 would vote for Obama; they are more likely than males age 35-44 (32 percent) to say this.

• Among female iPhone/Android owners, the support from younger voters is even more significant, with 60 percent of those age 18-34 saying they would vote for the President today compared to just 39 percent of those age 45+.

• iPhone/Android owners who are single/never married are more likely to say they’d vote for Obama today than those who are married (59 percent vs. 43 percent, respectively).


Survey Methodology

This survey was conducted online within the United States by Harris Interactive on behalf of Velti from June 27-29, 2012 among 2,164 adults ages 18 and older, among whom 776 are iPhone/Android owners. This online survey is not based on a probability sample and therefore no estimate of theoretical sampling error can be calculated.

Source: Velti


      1. Or maybe they are progressive and want to change the US for the better. Because be all know giving money to the “Job Creators” has done so well the last 30 years.

        1. Yea…that 5% unemployment really sucked. I really do not miss those days. I have really enjoyed my pay cuts and I am so progressively excited about my company shutting down on July 31…along with all my employees. Those nasty “Job Creators’ can go to he!!.

          1. If you believe that the wealthy are the Job Creators, then why don’t we just create a fund so all of us 99% can donate to the top 1%. That would create even more jobs? In fact, maybe we should all have a payroll deduction right out of our paycheck and credit that money to the wealthy so the economy can boom!

            Oh, I forgot, that’s EXACTLY what the Republicans want to do!

            Even better! Maybe we should just become slaves then we can all be employed. What wealthy person wouldn’t hire somebody who works for free? Have you ever heard of an unemployed slave?

            All Republicans Sing: “More tax credits for the Wealthy, less pay for me”. “I may be a slave, but it’s less unemployment for you and me”.

            Once again, all Republicans sing:

            “More tax credits for the Wealthy, less pay for me”. “I may be a slave, but it’s less unemployment for you and me”.

            If you are a Republican Musician and want to make this a hit song, you have my permission. It is bound to be a big hit amongst the wealthy!

            It also makes a great concert song. Mitt Romney on stage singing with all you poor Republican followers in the audience cheering and singing along.

            It’ll be a great show. If you are a Republican please buy tickets. —and remember, the more you pay for the tickets, the more money Romney will have so he can hire you! If you give him ALL your money, he can definitely afford to create a job for you working for him!

            Us poor Democrats, will just stay home and listen to the concert on the free Radio Simulcast.

            One more time:

            “More tax credits for the Wealthy, less pay for me”. “I may be a slave, but it’s less unemployment for you and me”.

            Hope to see you at the show!

          2. @ other Mike:

            it is easy to have 5% unemployment when you have fair and efficient regulation ensuring trade balance. but in the last 4 decades, the corporate leaders decided that wasn’t good enough. these “job creators” wanted to earn marginally more in the short term by moving shop to the land where employees are 1/2 step above slaves, so they hired lobbyists to tilt regulation to a very pro-outsourcing stance. Then their congressional puppets have been sitting on their fat asses doing nothing about foreign currency manipulators and trade barriers that prevent US firms from competing successfully in their markets. Both corrupt political parties are fully complicit in this ongoing train wreck hollowing out US industry. Result: domestic industries hoard cash, fire Americans, and hire Chinese (and, yes, import illegal labor here if that’s cheaper). If they gave a damn about the good old US of A, they’d spend their cash making the USA what it used to be — with educational and vocational opportunities for all citizens.

            Clearly you just aren’t important enough. If you spent more to buy your congressman, you’d get whatever regulation loopholes you need to succeed, plus unfair tax breaks whether they make sense for the nation or not. Because we all know that corporate interests aren’t really interested in doing what’s right for the nation — and not even what’s best for the shareholder. A modern corporation exists to fulfil the desires of the chief executive and his friendly board, no matter what the consequences. See Ballmer & Co. for prime example.

            If you want to see a dynamic economy with an educated workforce that is rewarded at all levels for doing a good job — not just the top crust making money by firing the locals — then you’d have to look at an economy like Germany’s.

            MDN, not sure what’s the point of becoming a political rag. Stop acting like a hit whore.

        2. Yes and giving away a crapload of entitlement benefits has worked so well too. And frustrating business with oppressive & draconian regulations. Progressives want to change for the better but often get the opposite effect. All well and good to have the “best of intentions” but often that way is the path to ruin. Its a question of balance. Let us hope stuff like Obamacare doesn’t bankrupt the nation.

          1. I could of not said it better … I’m one of these nasty job creators that own an S-Corp that is going to suffer under Obama’s tax proposal yesterday. BTW, S-Corps are over 60% of companies with a vast majority being the high paying innovative job creators in the US.

            1. Wrong. Only 3% of US companies make over $250k a year. Under Obamas proposal, The first $250k enjoys the tax cut regardless of tax bracket, so this only affects the rich AFTER their first $250k. We gave billions to bail out the banks and still they dont lend or help underwater homes…trickle down never worked, ever. Top tax rate 50s-60s was over 75% and it was a prosperous time. We live in a WE society, not a ME society.

            2. Obamacare includes at least 20 new taxes or tax increases on American families and employers. “Many of these tax increases,” according to the nonpartisan Americans for Tax Reform, “fall on families making less than $250,000—a direction violation of candidate Obama’s promise not to raise ‘any form’ of taxes on these families.”

              One example of the at least 20 new taxes that are set to go into effect in 2014, is the excise tax penalty for mandate non-compliance which will in 2016 rise to 2.5 percent of adjusted gross income for a senior couple (or $1,390 for those making less than $55,600). Why does Obamacare raise taxes on seniors just as they are entering retirement?

              Oops. there goes Florida.

              Obama is a liar.

              Also, starting in 2013, regardless of income, the top tax rate on dividends is scheduled to rise from 15 percent today to 39.6 percent.

              You might want to sell your AAPL shares now, if you think the U.S. electorate isn’t yet finished and wants to wield the Obama wrecking ball for another four years.

              The only way to get rid of Obamacare and to get government out of the way of recovery is to get rid of the liar Obama.

            3. Inly if u refuse to get on a plan do u get a penalty. Or would u rather not cover 30M pp w/o health care? The freeloaders who show up at the hospital w/o insurance are paid by everyone else; Obamas plan covers 30M more pp.

          1. There are amazing similarities between the Bush administration and the Harding administration. Look it up before issuing a blanket accusation blaming the ideology of a large group of people. So called ‘business friendly’ government approaches are not necessarily good for the country. Large imbalances and movements to the extremes tend to have unpleasant results.

            Besides, TMac, you have to look a whole lot deeper than just one simple label. There are many forms and degrees of progressivism. Simplistic labeling and blaming is the mark of a small mind.

    1. Romney (and Republican in general) voters, excepting the 1%, tend to be:
      more rural, white, poor, uneducated, live in small towns or white flight suburbs, viewers heavily dependent upon Faux Newz & Republican Talk Radio (Most of Clear Channel and Cumulus Media’s stations are all Cons all the time), less widely travelled, read less. Well known of as low-information voters that are easily swayed by negative ads, hearsay (the bullshit e-mails your conservative friends/co-workers/family always send you).

      1. Ok. If we’re going to make wild ass insulting generalizations,

        People who call themselves “progressive” do so because they think it sounds better than the more accurate term, “liberal.” They are subconsciously embarrassed by their own liberalism. They also do not like being called leftists which they are, socialists, which they are, or collectivists, which they are, or Marxists, which many are, or Communists, which some are.

        “Progressive” voters tend to highly uninformed voters typically unable to describe how the 3 branches of the United States Government work. Show them pictures they are usually able to identify the members of Jersey Shore and seldom able to identify significant politicians, cabinet members, congress people, or members of the Supreme Court. They tend to live in cultural bubbles that do not allow them to see outside their own prejudices, delusions, and misguided perceptions of just how great they are.

        While they make hate FOX news, most of the socialists get their news from comedians, whether it’s Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, or Bill Maher. At one point there was a study showing that some ridiculous percentage of Democrats believed Jon Stewart was the chairman of the party.

        They do not see the irony, for example, in the fact that just about every news outlet is just fine with them, except one. They consider the one to be biased, even though they don’t watch it. It’s because they all repeat the meme to one another. Call them on it, question them, they have little or no facts to back up their assertion, and are completely unable to recognize that their satisfaction with all other media outlets is the most utterly clear example of widespread media bias there is. Anyone giving a voice to ideas they disagree with is evil incarnate.

        Sadly they are also the most condescending and RACIST of voters as well, building entire voting platforms based not only on selling groups of people the idea that they are somehow incapable of competing on their own, but that they are victims of the majority and will always remain so.

        Concerning Racism, as a black person, I have observed that true racism is the most prevalent among the socialists. From the left I get the vulgar presumption of intellectual inferiority and patronizing condescension. The assumption of racial inequality. Arrogance that spits in my face when it says, we must lower test scores for you, we must put you on welfare, we must create quotas for you, you are and will always be a victim because you are incapable of rising above that status, so we must protect you.

        “Where did you go to school? You are so well spoken? Where did you learn about computers.”

        They expect me to say, “I learned on my own Massuh, reading the torn up manuals behind IBM.” Sometimes liberals disgust me. Most of the time, thank goodness, they make me laugh.

        From the left I get the institutionalization of true racist ideology with a smiley face on it. Just check the box that says Negro and everything will be ok.

        They believe in social egalitarianism to the point where they would rather see all people poor than any be wealthy. There is an old proverb that says give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for life. Well the left believe, teach a man to fish, he’s more likely to wind up a conservative. It is better to confiscate the fish of those who have more and redistribute it.

        While they claim to stand up for the rights of minorities and individuals, this is a blatant lie. The only minorities they care about are those they can portray as disenfranchised. They couldn’t care less about individuals, i.e the smallest minority of all. They are willing to strip the rights away of any minority they dislike, for instance gun owners. The tyranny of the majority is just fine with “Progressives” as long as they are the majority.

        If you are a racial minority and you disagree with them, they will level the worst of racial slurs at you. They are disagreeable, hateful, vicious, vitriolic, name callers, yet truly believe they are exactly the opposite. Only people on the right can be actual “haters.”

        They are self important, pompous, self righteous, elitists who believe themselves to actually be smarter than everyone else, though usually when talking to them “Airhead” is the adjective that most comes to mind.

        They are statists. They are of the mind once again, that the individual human being is irrelevant. The bigger the government the better. Government is the solution to all problems. They are typically mathematically inept. If you explain in painstaking detail how the welfare state is a ponzi scheme, they simply do not care. They believe that rich people have plenty of money and that the pyramid can grow forever. If you show them that seizing all of the money of all of the rich people in the country wouldn’t even barely dent the debt we’ve amassed, they simply do not care. They believe the money will magically come from somewhere. When the whole thing collapses, they will blame Republicans. (Actually, so will I, but for different reasons.)

        Speaking as an atheist, I find their belief systems to be borderline religious. I.e. they are systems based on faith, not demonstrable rational or critical thinking. They just believe.

        They are more stingy with their wealth as conservatives from equal economic standings give more to charity than liberals.

        In matters of the world they are cowardly, seeking appeasement and pacifism as solutions to nations who “bully” others. “Bully” being one of their favorite ridiculous words. It is fashionable to blame America no matter how despicable the actions of others are.

        They have no comprehension of freedom whatsoever. They are constantly seizing it from others ironically believing their own to be safe.

        As far as iPhone use is concerned, I have an associate. She was disgruntled, like many here, when the iPHone 4s came out because it wasn’t a big enough upgrade for her. When I pointed out how significant the 4s upgrade actually was, her response was that it looks exactly the same. “This,” she said, “is about fashion.” She is a staunch liberal, a huge Obama supporter, and once warned me that my proclivity for speaking out against the policies of the President would get me in trouble, here in LA LA land.

        1. Your fancy words come down to the simple fact that the rich only support the rich, thanks for proving that point. And the reason people don’t like Fox News is because it’s just a candy coated pill for hand fed wealthy Republicans.

        2. Re Thelonious Mac:

          01- Progressive ≠ Liberal. There is some overlap, but they are NOT the same. Theodore Roosevelt was a Republican and a Progressive- he was anything but a liberal, for example.

          02- Progressive ≠ Socialist, at least not in the common understanding of the term. Great Britain has a ‘socialist’ NHS that is not even seriously questioned by the Conservative Party and Britain is not a socialist country. The same could be said of many other countries. In America, socialism is a stigmatized word with other meanings attached in the pejorative.

          03- Low information voters tend to vote more Republican these days, as it is the reactionary party among the two major parties. Those who work in the progressive movement outside the 2 main parties are anything but uninformed. Like atheists, they did not come to their position lightly or without much research and investigation.

          04- As to media bias, the MSM is owned by corporate America and the old Right Wing saw about a liberal bias in the media is bullshit. When millions protested Bush’s invasion of Iraq nary a peep was heard from ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, Fox, or CNN. MSNBC even fired Donahue- it’s highest rated host- over fear that his program would bring backlash against NBC and GE- the then 100% owner. Media analysis has shown that the number of anti-war pundits interviewed in the run-up to the Iraq invasion was almost nil- despite a significant domestic opposition to the invasion. This was true even on the PBS HewsHour- much less commercial media. The cowards were afraid to oppose Bush as it might cost their overlords money.

          05- As to issues of race/culture and ethnicity, I believe in meritocracy with equity- not affirmative action. De facto equality is impossible, so equity and equality of access is the answer. I have yet to meet a racist or homophobic liberal- something I cannot say on the right and I have spent more than my fair share of time among Republicans and Conservatives.

          06- As to statism, as a left libertarian I am in polar opposition to big government and the nanny state. I support all the government we need and not one drop more. However, in the age of multinational corporations that arch toward one trillion in market cap, one cannot rely on ‘the market’ or lawsuits to rein in corrupt or unethical business practice. Right Libertarianism is enticing, but ultimately impractical. NeoConservatism is nothing more than organized greed and Economic Darwinism.

          07- As to charity, I don’t give a damn what or who gives how much to whom. Charity should be for charity’s sake- not for a tax write off. As an agnostic, I think we should pull all tax exemption from all faith based organizations and lift their political restrictions. One should give because one thinks it the right thing to do and should not need a government tax incentive to do so.

          08- I am not a Democrat, have never been registered as one and have no intention of voting for Obama this fall- just as I did not vote for him last time. I see the Democratic Party as a center-right party and the Republican Party as an extreme-right party. Choosing between RawMoney and Obamanation is picking between getting hit with a 5 & 10 pound sledge hammer. Not much of a choice.

          09- If LALA Land refers to Los Angeles, it’s a Republican town. The O.C. is even more so. San Diego is more Republican still. San Francisco is a Democratic town.

          10- I see our nation as not being well served by either party and a captive to both, who have a vested interest in the status quo. I will be voting Green this fall with few exceptions. Very few.

      2. Democrat voters in general tend to get their news only from left leaning sources like ABC, CBS, NBC CNN, and the NY Times, which tends to brainwash them to the left. You certainly seem to be brainwashed.

        1. First of all the MSM is anything but left leaning. Millionaire Anchorettes & execs that hang out in the Hamptons with the Wall Street crowd are about as liberal as Michael Savage. So save me the right wing media paranoia- Clear Channel and Cumulus own radio in the US and are hard right wing Republican.

          Second, the use of “Democrat voters” is wrong. “Democratic voters” would be correct unless you were home schooled or just intend to be rude.

          Third, those who vote to the left tend to be better educated, have travelled more widely, tend to question what they read more openly and gather news from a wide variety of sources. That is the exact opposite of the bulk of right wing voters.

          The liberal mind is difficult for the conservative mind to comprehend. Conservatives look for a leader and liberals look for consensus.

          1. If you can’t see the the mainstream media is left-leaning, then you are one of the brainwashed I mentioned. Where do liberals get this propaganda that left-wingers are well educated, and right-wingers live in fly-over country and are missing teeth? I could show you studies that prove the opposite is true. This type of assertion only proves liberals are brainwashed lemmings with superiority complexes.

            1. Funny how Britt Hume was a liberal at ABC, but a truth teller at Faux Newz. Same for the whole list of former ABC, NBC, CBS & CNN staff now selling the GOP line for fun and profit at Faux Newz.

              I also like how NewzCrap pays businesses to put Faux Newz Channel (Unfair & Unbalanced) on the public TVs and lock them there.

      1. I don’t follow American politics too closely, but I *DO* know that Reggie Brown is genius! His speech at the Republican Conference was brilliant, and his rather premature exit even made the news in Europe.

  1. It’s still a free country despite our president’s best efforts. People are allowed to be right about iPhones and wrong in their choice in candidates. Although there is little chance I will vote for Obama, I’m surprised that Governor Romney is still polling so high. He’s always struck me as an empty hairdo like John Kerry who tells folks what they want to hear.

    Hope there is more to him just in case he wins.

  2. False corollaries make stupid news pieces. 100% of people who support this administration and are of voting age, indicated that they were extremely likely to vote for the Democratic candidate for the president of the United States. !00% of his opposition said that would favor “someone else”.

    1. The young are simply naive and idealistic. Cute & nice but rarely practical. They’ll learn. As they say “If you’re 18 and not a democrat you have no heart. But if you’re 28 and not a republican you have no brain.” Having said that I am still a registered Democrat but feel no affiliation to either party. I vote on individual issues not a party line.

  3. So the poor, who are benefiting from all the stimulus money, are not going to vote Obama back in because they did not buy a smart phone with some of that money?

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