Apple iPhone, alarm clock killer

“U.K. carrier O2 decided to survey its users to determine which devices iPhones or other smartphones commonly replace in the lives of its customers,” Ryan Faas reports for Cult of Mac.

“The most commonly replaced device turned out to be one of the more low-tech devices in daily life – the alarm clock,” Faas reports. “54% of O2’s iPhone and smartphone customers have relegated their alarm clocks to the dustbin of history.”

Faas reports, “The second most commonly replaced device was also a time-keeping device: the watch. On the one hand, the results for the watch don’t seem too surprising. In fact, the most surprising thing to me is that only 46% of users said their phone had replaced their watch… [Another surprise:] O2 noted that 28% of its smartphone customers felt that their phone had done away with the need for a laptop.”

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MacDailyNews Take: iPhones can easily replace laptops – iPads even more easily – for a great many people (read some news, email, Facebook, shop online, check the weather, etcetera). For decades, Apple and all of the other PC companies had been selling people backhoes when all most of them really want to do is drive back and forth to work and run some errands. It’s at all not surprising to see many people are now abandoning backhoes, now that Apple has finally begun offering much more suitable cars.


  1. OMG My iPhone’s totally replaced my alarm clock as well, it’s just the fact that apple put so much attention to detail in the most littlest of apps, most phones don’t even have an alarm clock feature!!

  2. it’s 2012: can you wake to music from your device’s library in iOS yet?

    this functionality was available on iPods from time immemorial but was taken away with the introduction of the touch. i’m not sure why Apple chose to remove that very useful feature. 3rd party apps do a very poor job with this.

    1. This is why I use an alarm clock dock for my iPhone.

      I dock the iPhone to charge it at night, works with cases no problem, and the alarm on the actual “clock” will randomly play a song in my iTunes library. Or you can queue up any song and it will play that one instead..
      I don’t use apples built in alarm clock to wake up… Not nearly loud enough. I need 100db to wake my ass in the morning.. Deep sleeper.
      I’ve slept through the iPhones alarm many times just taking a nap.

  3. Well, I wish I could set up iOS to trigger any alarm sound I liked and set it in a loop to wake me the HELL UP! I can do that on my Mac but not my cute little iOS device. Maybe in iOS 6…

    (There are some iOS alarm apps that provides superior alarm sound control).

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