Analyst: Apple could sell 35 million ‘iPad mini’ units in FY 2013

“Anticipating huge demand for the Apple iPad mini – a device that the company has yet to announce – Pacific Crest analyst Andy Hargreaves today upped his EPS forecast for the September 2013 fiscal year to $55 a share from $53,” Eric Savitz reports for Forbes.

“The analyst thinks Apple can sell 35 million iPad minis in fiscal 2013 at $299, with 25% cannibalization of the larger version of the tablet,” Savitz reports. “He adds that a lower level of cannibalization – or a higher average selling price – could drive his estimates higher still.”

Savitz reports, “I would note that this scenario suggests incremental revenues of more than $10 billion – this for a product that no one is certain actually exists. Apple never ceases to amaze.”

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  1. Glad they got the price right ($299 instead of the strangely oft-quoted $249). And I’ll be one of the first people in line to buy it. An instant purchase, I don’t care what the specs are. I don’t even need to see it; just tell me where to buy it and take my money, Apple.

  2. It all depends on the price of the device, but if they can sell it for under $300, they will outsell the larger one and bring in a new consumer to the ios ecosystem that would have gone android.

    1. What exactly is the point of ‘selling’ something that offers no profit?

      Microsoft is famous for ‘buying market share’ via crap devices in order to sell something else. This is the manifesto of the Xbox. It made Microsoft money selling games and games only.

      So Apple would like to make no money selling hobbled down ~7″ iPads in order to sell other stuff via the device? Is this actually a marketing game Apple wants to play? Why?! To make TechTard ANALysts all happy and wiggly?

      Instead Apple makes a profit from the iPod Touch (aka the ‘Micro iPad’) and from the iPad, AND they sell other stuff via both devices. AND both devices are the finest tech in their field.

      1. Who says there would be no profit? They have an economy of scale that would utilize most of the parts they already use on the iphone and ipad. And it would be priced 50% higher than the galaxy 7 which is supposedly being sold at cost for $199. So it may be possible to have the margins Apple demands.

        1. Yeah but the ~7″ ‘market’ at this point is based on selling hardware that makes NO PROFIT. Show may any company that has made any profit in that ‘market’. Explain why Apple would care to get involved with that.

  3. The analyst thinks Apple can sell 35 million iPad minis in fiscal 2013 at $299


    The fact that NO ONE has made ANY profit in the ~7″ OtherPad market is amazingly elusive to the TechTard ANALysts.

    No Market.
    No Profit.
    No Apple interest.

    But by all means blether away about it for months on end until we all zzzzzzzz

    1. Meanwhile, the ‘Micro iPad’, aka the iPod Touch, actually fits in a pocket. It also remains the best selling Apple iPod.

      There’s a market for pocket touch devices.
      There’s a profit selling pocket touch devices.
      Apple is interested in selling pocket touch devices.


  4. If there is an ‘iPad Mini’ and the ‘Majors” of the airline industry are using the iPad. Does this mean the ‘Regionals” will use the ‘iPad Mini’?

    1. Presently use an ASA iPad holder with wraparound bandaid stuff to to hold it nice n flat as a thighpad.

      However, I’d go for a iP Mini in a moment, as I could do with something smaller in my DA40’s cockpit – just four seats and by no means spacious across the width.

  5. I’d pay $350 for one even without retina. I’d take two. iPad is simply too big for reading and not as portable as I’d like (still hauling around my iPad 1)

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