Google demos Chrome web browser for iPad, iPhone, iPod touch

“The iPad and iPhone will be getting their own versions of Google’s popular Chrome web browser, the search giant revealed today at its I/O developer conference,” iPodNN reports.

“The iOS version of the browser will duplicate the features currently seen in its desktop and Android counterparts,” iPodNN reports. “Chrome for iOS implements tabbed browsing and quick-switching between tabs. The browser also supports login credential syncing across devices, and automatic autofill. Chrome for iOS also has an “Incognito” mode, allowing for discrete browsing.”

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    1. That’s what happens when Apple doesn’t allow any other web engines on their platform. You’re basically stuck with making a wrapper for Safari.

  1. Chrome on Mac attempts to phone home every 30 minutes according to my SW firewall. That is on or offline, 24/7/365.
    Google claims it’s a SW update process- I call bullshit.

    Dumped all that.

    1. If that’s not the software update process, then what is it? Have you actually looked at the contents of the data packet so you actually have a shred of evidence to back up that claim?

  2. I don’t care what Google does with Chrome. I hate it with a passion. Chrome brings nothing new to the table in terms of browser experience. Plus you’re only opening yourself to security holes that advertisers exploit to track your browsing habits so they can sell you that toilet seat that you don’t want.

    My default browser is Safari. I find it serves all of my browsing needs and preserves my online security. Safari also isolates me from tracking breaches that Apple protects its customers from. As I am Apple’s customer, Apple will do everything in its power to protect me. The opposite is true of Google as I’m not Google’s customer and never will be – advertisers are.

    1. It runs Flash natively. Means not having to pollute my Mini with that crappy POS software. If Chrome on iOS devices means that ‘sites that insist on using Flash can be accessed properly then I’ll be happy with that. An example; I wanted to book tickets at London’s Royal Festival Hall today for Shawn Colvin. I couldn’t select my choice of seat, instead having to settle for them choosing ‘best available’ because their site requires Flash! WTF! If Chrome bypasses that sort of rubbish then so much the better.
      Of course, redoing the site to allow HTML5 would be better still, but sadly those sort of institutions are creatively ossified.

      1. Chrome supports Flash through a Flash plugin, courtesy of Adobe, just like other browsers do. It just comes shipped with the browser, and I believe it’s a slightly different plugin than other browsers use to afford slightly improved crash protection.

        So like it or not, if you’re using Flash through Chrome your Mini is still polluted with some crappy POS software.

        1. While that may be true to an extent, I don’t have to go to Adobe and keep downloading yet another version of Flash. I’m pretty certain that if I look on my Mac, I won’t find a Flash app installed somewhere. I don’t care that it’s a plugin, I care about not having to install something uneccessary, and that’s frankly redundant tech that should have been humanely put down five years ago.

  3. Give google yet another way to track me??
    No thanks.
    I while ago I dumped everything M$ to keep my system clean and free of junk.
    Doing the same now with google.
    Slowly transferring all online business contacts away from gmail, using private mode in Safari and in every way possible minimizing google’s intrusion into my life.
    Apple’s business model is to sell products. With google YOU are the product. Like ‘android’ and G this is just another attempt to invade our privacy.

    1. Thanks Geddy for taking the very words out of my mouth.

      Been M$-free for man years.
      Been Adobe-free for a couple of years.
      Been Google-free for nearly a year.

      For a good many of us there are decent alternatives out there. For those who truly need MS and Adobe, that’s a choice they can make. I don’t really think anyone actually needs anything Google provides. Google is evil and thinks it is omnipotent, and people should think twice about their privacy before they think anything Google is in their best interests.

    Product: Hardware
    Customer: Consumers

    Product: Consumers
    Customer: Advertisers

    So whoever using and cheering Google for so called “open”, “choice” is helping Google counting the money while Google sold you.

  5. I really wonder why Google thinks that they have a snowball’s chance in Hell of getting this browser through the Apple review process.

    Yes, Chrome will be on iDevices — a few weeks after they open the ski resort just outside of the city of Dis.

    1. Would you like a side dish with your main course of Crow?

      Google Chrome for iOS not only passed through Apple’s review process, but was released yesterday and in under 12 hours became the #1 free app on the App Store.

  6. I’m going to try it out. Safari is pitifully slow on my 1st gen iPad. If (and that’s a big if) Chrome is faster than Safari, it may be my new browser.

  7. Wanna bet there is gonna be millions of dumbasses using this ding and have the asses sniffed out by Gurgle every second they use it.

    Darwin, where are you?

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