Sony and Panasonic team up to develop advanced, next-gen TV displays

“Long-time Japanese rivals Sony Corp. and Panasonic Corp. are working together to develop next-generation TV panels called OLEDs in a reversal of decades of rivalry as they try to catch up with South Korea’s Samsung Electronics,” Yuri Kageyama reports for The Associated Press.

“The companies said in a joint statement Monday they will share core technologies to develop OLED, or organic light-emitting diode, panels,” Kageyama reports. “They are aiming for low-cost mass production by 2013. amsung is planning to start selling TVs with big OLED screens later this year. OLEDs use a different technology than liquid crystal displays and deliver very clear, vivid imagery.”

Kageyama reports, “Fitch Ratings said the Sony-Panasonic tie-up underlined ‘the fall of Japanese tech companies,’ as such a tie-up was previously ‘unthinkable.’ Sony buys liquid-crystal displays from other manufacturers. It ended its joint-venture with Samsung to make LCDs earlier this year as panel prices fell and it became more cost-efficient to buy from other makers… Analysts say the Japanese could also be hit by Apple Inc.’s foray into TVs that may come in a couple of years. Apple has already eroded the profitability of the Japanese electronics makers with its hit iPod, iPhone and iPad devices.”

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  1. Sony and Panasonic will no doubt release something new, perhaps better or cheaper. The best compliment would be, “Oh, Apple could have done it, too, if they really wanted to.”

  2. Since Sony stopped making its own panels their TV’s are rubbish. I’ve got a five year old (or thereabouts), 40″ Bravia, and the screen and picture quality is outstanding, but the newer ones that I’ve seen are less than impressive.

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