Apple opens iOS App Store in 32 countries

Apple today announced the addition of 32 new countries to their iOS App Store:

• Albania
• Benin
• Bhutan
• Burkina Faso
• Cambodia
• Cape Verde
• Chad
• Congo
• Fiji
• Gambia
• Guinea-Bissau
• Kyrgyzstan
• Laos
• Liberia
• Malawi
• Mauritania
• Micronesia
• Mongolia
• Mozambique
• Namibia
• Nepal
• Palau
• Papua New Guinea
• Sao Tome e Principe
• Seychelles
• Sierra Leone
• Solomon Islands
• Swaziland
• Tajikistan
• Turkmenistan
• Ukraine
• Zimbabwe


    1. It is now available in 155 countries total.

      They can add another couple dozen before they run out of countries. Plus there are five countries with export restrictions preventing Apple from having App Stores there, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, and Syria.

  1. I suspect that the Belgian App Store will probably generate more sales and income than all 32 of these countries combined, but still….better for Apple to keep filling the coverage gaps.

  2. In case you wanted to see a current map of all the places with app stores now:

    It looks like from the map that the biggest places on the map that are as yet not filled in have export restrictions (like Iran, Sudan, etc.) or recent/ongoing wars (Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq, etc.). Outside of that are mostly countries in Africa.

    Also: Here is Apple’s list, not including the 32 added today:

    According to wikipedia, there are 206 countries, but 15 of those country’s sovereignty is disputed. So, Apple is about 3/4 done.

  3. Here’s a list of countries without App Stores:
    Afghanistan, Andorra, Bangladesh, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Burma (Myanmar), Burundi, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Comoros, Democratic Republic of Congo, Cøte d’Ivorie, Cuba, Djibouti, East Timor, Equatorial Guinea, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Gabon, Georgia, Guinea, Haiti, Iran, Iraq, Kiribati, Lesotho, Libya, Lichtenstein, Maldives, Marshall Islands, Moldova, Monaco, Montenegro, Morocco, Nauru, North Korea, Rwanda, Samoa, San Marino, Serbia, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Syria, Togo, Tonga, Tuvalu, Vanuatu, Vatican City, and Zambia.

    In addition, Apple counts some places as countries whose definition of that is disputed, such as Hong Kong, Taiwan, British Virgin Islands, Bermuda, and a couple others.

    1. Interesting that Tuvalu (.tv on the net) has no app store..

      Of course, with the rising tide, they say the island country may not be long for this world. (or it’s .tv designation either.)

  4. Where is Georgia? 🙁
    Its sad to see that Georgia didn’t get an appstore. The country has much more iOS and Mac users then many in that 32 list. Strange and sad.

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