GM to integrate Apple’s ‘Eyes Free’ Siri technology starting with Chevy Sonic, Spark

“Last week, Apple announced a host of planned updates to the Siri personal assistant service found in company’s iPhone smartphone and iPad tablet (Siri integration is coming to iPad in the fall),” Alex Luft reports for GM Authority. “One of those updates, called ‘eyes-free,’ allows an iPhone or iPad user to use Siri without picking up or looking at the device to initiate the feature, which can be used to schedule a meeting, send a text message, add a reminder, find a local restaurant, check sports scores, and perform a myriad of other tasks — all using natural-language voice commands.”

“Today, GM Authority has learned that The General will soon introduce Siri eyes-free integration in its vehicles and the first ones to get the integration will be the Chevrolet Spark and Sonic,” Luft reports. “While the automaker’s media representatives didn’t provide specific timing details, we were told that we should expect an announcement within the next 12 months.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]

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    1. GM failed, and should be out of business. By wasting the taxpayers’ money on the bailout, the federal government kept incompetents in control of resources that they had proven themselves incapable of managing.


      1. That is a huge falsehood, have you even driven a GM product lately? I currently lease a Chevy Volt. I think this car alone vindicates the governments decision. It is an amazing piece of gas saving technology and I can’t wait for Siri to come to it. Want to learn more… or you can continue to stew in your ignorance, your choice.

        1. and besides… We got our money back, so in reality , it was a loan. That loan saved countless jobs. Anyone who thinks that was not the smart thing to do in a recession seems to me to be rather short sighted…..

          1. 1. The Chevy Volt is a great example of American ingenuity.
            2. We have not been paid back fully by GM we are still about $16 BILLION behind
            3. If the Feds hadn’t bailed out GM, it would have gone through bankruptcy in court and it would be in the same place it is now.

            Stop perpetuating the myth that the government “saved” GM. The only thing the government did was throw money down a hole and give the union a huge ownership stake.

            1. 1. This statement is correct
              2. This statement is also correct
              3. The statement is pure conjecture, had the government not bailed out GM chances are GM would b a Chinese company right now as Hummer is. We would have had even higher unemployment for a longer period of time and the taxing of solcial security, Medicare and unemployment insurance would have been impossible. You only have to look at the great depression to have seen the writing on that wall. There would be no world war 3 to bail us out. The also probably would be no Volt because this technology requires long term investment and nurturing. Not the battle cry of a corporate raider bent on short term profits.

            2. While I agree that #3 from schmluss is conjecture, does not the same logic hold true for your #3? It is awfully hard to prove a negative, especially since we cannot hold double-blind trials in social engineering of society and economies. I’m sure we all hold opinions of whether the bailouts were worthwhile, but none of us can prove them.

      2. The taxpayers have had an excellent return on their GM investment. It’s too bad we couldn’t invest the trillion dollars we spent fighting republican incited middle east wars. We wouldn’t be in this financial quagmire now.

      1. Exactly…Ford made it when the chips were down and didnt go on the taxpayer dole to turn it around.

        $1700-2000 of the cost of every GM car goes to pay health care and other benefits to former employees and their relatives. Nice job by the unions to bleed the corp dry and then the taxpayers saves their ass. I HATE GM.

        1. Really???… If you look at the facts Ford received their bailout about a year before GM and Chrysler. GM and Chrysler just had the misfortune of poor timing for this to coincide with the financial meltdown. Also Ford benefitted from union givebacks negotiated with GM and Chrysler. This is why they were able to come out with the 700 mile range Hybrid Fusion. Check before you click.

  1. I’m sure Apple will be working with many other auto makers on this technology, so I won’t have to settle for Government Motors if I want to buy it.


  2. Actually I’ve already used Siri in my Volt, while parked, with the iPhone hooked up to the cars sound system through bluetooth. The only thing missing is the in steering wheel button.

  3. Congrats to GM. I’m a Ford man, even though I am considering a LaCrosse (I have big shoes, too…)

    As far as the bailout ‘story’, I don’t believe the feds saved ‘The General’ as much as they saved Big Union’s jobs. GM would have survived a bankruptcy, renegotiated contracts, become much more efficient, and not wasted the bailout money THAT WAS NOT PAID BACK. That’s right, you have been duped if you fell for the loan payback story.

    I’m not going to argue, point to sites or ask for proof they paid it.
    GM simply split off debt from the books and claimed they no longer owed it. However, since it is done and many investers were robbed of their money and small dealers were robbed of their business, we can only hope that they finally succeed.

    1. If you’re looking at a LaCrosse, you may want to consider a VW Passat. They have one with a 2 liter turbo diesel that averages 35mpg real world mileage. Also, it is built by non-union workers in Chattanooga Tennessee.

      1. I’m a registered Republican. I was critical of the GM bankruptcy process. I’m not a fan of unions. I’ve been a fan of VW since my first one, bought in 1955 — although more recently I bought a series of Infinitis and an Acura.

        Last month I bought my first American car since 1973, a Chevrolet Volt. It’s my favorite car of all time. The average for the first 1,843 miles is 196 MPG.

        1. You do get that by recharging you are burning (primarily) coal and that you are also being charged for that energy.

          So in reality, you aren’t really getting 196 MPG

          1. Jean, such an ignorant comment. The fact is it depends on where you live. I stated in my previous post that I also own a Volt. I live in an incorporated village on Long Island, NY. My Village buys cheap hydroelectric power from upstate NY. I own a coop, I plug into the building’s common electric to recharge my Volt at a rate do 6 cents/kwh. Many utilities are adding capacity in natural gas generation which is what my town uses as a back up for the hydro. So Bravo BillD.

      2. I know, and ironically, I was looking at those for my son.

        Buying a GM is still VERY iffy for me. The Silverado I drive 100-200 miles a day is barely making it to 180k miles, whereas all the JEEPS and Fords I’ve had the last two decades have gone 210k+.

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