Apple Retail Stores plan all-hands-on-deck meetings this week

“Apple Retail teams around the U.S. are planning all-hands-on-deck meetings on or around June 24,” Josh Ong reports for AppleInsider.

“Multiple people familiar with Apple’s plans have indicated that some of the company’s retail stores are organizing meetings for next Sunday, though some locations are reportedly considering rescheduling their meetings because of local events set to take place on the same day,” Ong reports. “One person revealed that a flagship Apple store in Boston is looking into renting a local theater for their event, which will reportedly take place from 8-11pm Eastern and require space for more than 200 employees.”

Ong reports, “When asked about possible reasons for an all-hands meeting, pundit Gary Allen of ifoAppleStore noted in an email to AppleInsider that off-site, all-hands meetings are ‘not common’ for Apple retail teams. He did, however, speculate that the meetings might have been called to introduce retail employees to John Browett, Apple’s new head of retail.”

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  1. Having worked at an Apple Store for many years I can tell you it is very common for offsite mandatory meetings. These happen every 3 months to go over what happened last quarter and what the new customer focus is the coming quarter. In the 6 years I was an employee, nothing significant was ever leaked to retail.

  2. I’ll tell you a brief story that happened to me over the weekend, then YOU decide if it’s seduction or something a little more on the order of forced assault…

    I set about to upgrade my mid-2009 MBP memory on Friday… I went on the Apple web site to make sure I knew what the right memories were. Although a bit more expensive than the masses (although a lot cheaper than two years ago), I identified the correct memories… Although not available in my local Apple store, it WAS ‘in stock’ at a retail store a few miles north of me. Trying to be a rational customer, I called Apple Care and asked them how I should approach this OR if I had to do it myself.. They assured me that not only could I pick up the memories at Apple retail store identified with them in stock, the store ‘Genius Bar’ would be happy to install them as well.. I thought – GREAT… So I called the store, made an appointment with the ‘Genius Bar’ for the next morning and went off to snooze the night away.

    I arrived at the Apple retail store the next morning at the appointed time.. IMMEDIATELY, the ‘Genius’ told me that they would ABSOLUTELY NOT sell me the ‘old’ memories that they usually didn’t keep around in the store (I was told the Apple web site saying they had the inventory was a fluke), but that they would ABSOLUTELY NOT install anything for an ‘upgrade’ on an existing product unless it was at time of purchase. (caught me a bit off guard since I had been told BY APPLE exactly the opposite).

    As I was leaving the store empty-handed, it struck me that I could order, AND PICK UP, the memories I was going to have to install myself at the store I was already in. So in the front of the store, I whipped out my MBP, ordered the memory that the web site said was “In stock” at the retail store I was in, for in-store pickup. I waited ten minutes and went back to the same “Genius Bar’ that I was basically kicked out of, and with a much nicer store assistant, picked up my memory (IN AN APPLE BOX WITH MY NAME ON IT) at the same “Genius Bar’. The ‘Genius’ that all but told me to get out of his store watched as the transaction went down with a look of disdain on his face. I guess it was overkill for me to ‘flash’ the memory box, IN AN APPLE BOX WITH MY NAME ON IT, at the ‘Genius’ as I left.

    Installing the memory in the ‘old’ (early Jan. 2012 and BEFORE) is rather easy. Although getting the impossibly small phillips screws out of the bottom is a challenge. AND, finding the correct, #00 Phillips, to actually take the screws OUT! But I did the memory upgrade AND found the tool at Home Depot… $2.11 including California Sales Tax….

    Ahh the perils of being an Apple Fan boy sometimes are trying…

  3. “Not common”. These meetings are held at least 4 times every year. I work there. Back to School season, Holiday Season, even simple review of quarterly results and some employee socializing ar “all hands on deck” meetings. But as wlays with Apple we could be surprised.

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