Waze CEO: Apple going ‘thermonuclear’ on Google Maps

Noam Bardin, chief executive officer of Waze Inc., talked with Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West” about the company’s mapping software and Apple Inc.’s decision to oust Google Inc.’s maps as the default application on the iPhone and iPad.

“When Steve Jobs said he was going to go thermonuclear on Google, this is the real thermonuclear move,” Bardin said. “This is Apple going at the core business of Google on really local search. And the map is the UI of local search. We all know that when we use our iPhones, we actually open up Google Maps and we search through that and so it’s going to be very interesting to see what Apple can pull up in terms local search, something that Google knows a lot about.”

Watch the video via Bloomberg here.

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  1. I am hoping that Apple has the ability to do this, sure hope it is not Ping Maps or MobileMe Maps. The part that bothers me is “something that Google knows a lot about” which is true. I hope Apple is prepared to spend a chunk of that 100 bil cash they have. Just don’t want to see them fumble in this new market.

    1. Agree! Apple needs to commit to this in a big way. Inclusion in iOS 6 is a BIG start (and it’s beautiful) but they need to demonstrate on a regular basis that they’re committed to this (unlike Ping). The data is sparse (in beta) and though we know Apple will rush to beat Google in 3D maps for every city the real value is in what Google already has…and that’s the info about every business, school, etc… in the world.

        1. I hope the adapt the Maps App for the Mac. I used MS map app on my Sony lap top when I traveled along with a USB GPS. Good for planning long trips. Never found an app for the Mac which I could use. Now have a new iPad with 4G which works well, but I would like to have better flexibility for planning trips. Mac App should allow sharing of planned routes with iPad through cloud.

      1. In case you didn’t know, Apple is The Best software company in the world – second to none, Apple can run rings around Google any day with both hands tied behind its back.

        This ain’t no disco…

    2. “…sure hope it is not Ping Maps or MobileMe Maps.”
      Uh, you did read all about Apple’s new Map app during the WWDC, did you not? Mapping comes from TomTom and OpenStreetMap. Please try to pay attention in future, questions will be asked afterwards.

  2. These PC (AAPL) guys are not going to just come in here and change search …., we have been doing search for a long time ……. Uh Huh!? Yeah Ok. 😉 F U MOLE!

    1. That moment in THE AVENGERS when Loki blathers on monologuing like these CEO’s who have the hubris to think their businesses cannot be touched by the “PC boys just walking in” and then the Hulk just summarily grabs Loki and wipes the floor literally with him is a lot like what happened to PALM and soon RIM. All fools who failed to heed the call of the survival of the fittest and got bitch-slapped hard upside the head.

      1. Google: “I am a god! And I will not be bullied by an upstart company like Appl…

        Apple lifts google with one hand and slams google to the ground numerous times before walking off.

        Apple: “Puny god.”

  3. There was an article at The Daily Mail that showed the difference between the two (in London, anyway). There was a lot missing from the Apple maps. Maybe because it’s < beta? Maybe because it's overseas?

  4. What’s to stop Google from simply creating a map app for the iPhone. If they did, it seems likely that Apple would prevent it from being sold or offered for free in the app store.

    1. Even if they did, Google maps wont be integrated in iOS6 as Maps will be, including Siri.

      It already looks like it s 3-4 leaps ahead of what Google has done so now Google may flop around with perpetual beta stuff. For instance, Google Earth crashes on my computer constantly. Google Earth has been around for years but still acts like beta software. Google has done a lot of work in mapping software yet has never had any real competition aside from Bing maps, Mapquest, Yahoo! Maps, but this is…thermonuclear.

  5. What will be interesting to see is if Apple decides to move further into Google’s core business of search eventually. That would be the REAL thermonuclear war against Google: Take away Google’s money train.

    1. Bizlaw

      It seems to me that the maps app is a door into local search and that broader search can and will ride on top of or alongside of that.

      Cars.com compared the Apple and Google maps and they seemed to like Apple’s better.

      Apple also owns 3 or 4 mapping companies. This is no Ping, Apple will focus on this and surprise everyone with the features ease of use and subsequent apps.

      IOS 6 won’t be released until fall and there is probably already a lot of stuff in the maps app that they did’t present, and developers won’t be allowed to talk about until it is released in the fall.

      We all know Apple doesn’t settle for me too or mediocrity.

    1. I used street view to find a Starbucks, and confirmed it on the Starbucks website. Made a date, and when I got ther found out it had been gone for a year! Usefull stuff.

  6. Apple is redefining and reinventing search  by segmenting, filtering and breaking it up into polished chunks that are easier to relate to from a practical everyday use and need and provide better substitutes to Google search results which users have to spend hours wading through.

    Creating and designing sexy, simple and powerful market and industry specific Apps that provide and serve specifically defined and related information such as maps, entertainment, dining, books, education, music, OSs, etc….while enabling users with practical simple robust tools, is Apple’s forte and legacy…

    ‘Think different’  is how Apple always takes the cake.

    Google can’t compete in a million years. 

    Apple is going to eat Google’s lunch big time.

  7. Interestingly Google maps search for businesses used to be very good international at least in some countries. Now it gives very poor results, where there sed to be good results.

    Google must have pissed off some of its other partners as well.

  8. In the end, it’s not Apple going thermonuclear on Google. It’s the free market working as it should. Apple choose to make it own product in regards to mapping cause Google wasn’t up to it standards of excellence. A company in the free market has the right to do that if they choose. The media, tec writers, and CEOs tend over exaggerate the situation and not say what it really is…… competition and innovation. If you don’t like a product someone make……make a better one then!!!!!!

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