U.S. gov’t files on Steve Jobs reveal new details on drug use, 1975 arrest, kidnap fears

“Recently released Pentagon documents indicate that in the 1980’s Steve Jobs expressed concern that his daughter might be kidnapped in an effort to blackmail him,” Luis Martinez reports for ABC News. “The documents also provide more information about the Apple co-founder’s drug use as a teenager as well as a previously unreported arrest in 1975 for having failed to pay a speeding ticket.”

“The new details are included in 1988 documents processed by the Defense Investigative Service that were obtained by the online magazine Wired through a Freedom of Information of Act request,” Martinez reports. “At the time Jobs had applied for a Top Security clearance when he headed up the computer firm Pixar… Walter Isaacson’s biography of Jobs said Pixar required a security clearance because of company contracts with intelligence agencies to render information gathered by reconnaissance flights and satellites.”

Martinez reports, “As part of a standard line of questioning, investigators reviewing his application asked Jobs how he might be blackmailed. He replied that he had a daughter out of wedlock whom he felt might be the target of a kidnapping… In his application, Jobs providing precise details about his previously reported use of LSD, marijuana and hashish during his youth… In another document he responded ‘none’ to the question of intentions for future use… The documents note that investigators asked Jobs about why he had failed to point out in his questionnaire that in 1975 he had been arrested in Eugene, Ore., for not having paid a $50 speeding ticket.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “JES42” for the heads up.]


  1. here we go again.

    will we let the man & his remaining family live in peace.
    no one ever gave so much to society.
    he got cancer because of poisons like this, and having to fight through bureaucracy & stupid standards that barred real progress all his life/career. a bit of respect please.

    so f’g what if he had whatever drugs.
    it’s not our god damn biz.

    funny how we’re quick to judge.
    is anyone so innocent?! we’re all guilty of something.
    if we’re so goody-goody, we’re robots, not humane.

    are we richer than he?
    are we worthier, did we accomplish & give more than he?
    probably, no, most probably not.
    so let’s stfu.
    live & let live.

    even if it’s just reporting, not judging iSteve,
    why bother.
    what is the point of knowing what he did when?

    it’s like Billy Clinton.
    here in America, we think we know or have freedom in our definition of democracy, but is it really? we’re more controlled & tapped than by most other governments around the world. our people are also the most jingoist – patriotism here is ironically about fanaticism & arrogance & selfishness – not real patriotism – which would be solidarity & not deriding Steve or Apple but see Apple as the ultimate, worthiest firms we ever had that is the only one truly loved abroad around the world.

    back to Clinton, we have such a distorted view on morals or worthiness & justice in our fake democracy, we’re the biggest perverts in the world. We equate G W Bush as a moral, pious president, yet he invaded & killed 3 countries and for no reason, as they were never endangering us, only israel, not to mention the media lies on womd. Balance that, that we think that’s totally ok, but we can’t stand Clinton due to one blow job?!!?! killing entire nations vs a blow job is justice balanced?!! i think we have a few screws loose. or we worry that Billy got blow in the White House, oh my God, that is more terrible than killing innocents kids & moms or torturing their husbands?! or even sending our own kids to die for a cause that was never a cause or had no purpose other than greed in the few’s pockets at home sweet home?!

    that same empty, superficial logic of no purpose tries to defame Steve Jobs now.

    live and let live.
    our standard of living & definition of what’s good and evil, is distorted and other people have brains & hearts too, so we do not know best, we should stfu. live & let live.

    who cares what Steve or Bill did, they’re still the worthiest in their fields we had. they both helped our economy & were fine examples of ingenuity, instinct etc. one did a bit of drugs, the other a blow or 2, but they gave more than anyone of us hypocrites.

    remember the staunchest anti-Clinton people were the most conservative pervert hypocrites themselves. i wonder whose trying their best to deride Steve Jobs here! Get a life!

      1. haha, TowerTone, i like your tone, funny.
        you’re right, it feels as if i’m judging.

        but how else can one make the point that there’s no point in judging Steve or anyone for what they do on their own time, in their privacy? it’s not our business, right. if they do a great job for the rest of us, who cares, right?


  2. Jobs failed to pay a speeding ticket?!?!? Shocking, just shocking. Say it ain’t so… Perhaps next we will learn he was once arrested for moping with intent to lurk…

  3. Hard to believe a guy that drove around without a license plate skipped out on a ticket. Steve was kind of a jerk as a youth, just like many found him to be an arrogant jerk later in life.

    But many of us love that arrogant and visionary jerk. He always thought different.

  4. I read that SJ Was interested in treating the bad side-effects of his cancer with medical marijuana.

    Then, he found that the Draconian drug laws of Tennessee, forbade any one using ‘illegal drugs’, including marijuana, from their liver transplant program. (tragic.)

  5. I hope this part of Steve’s life won’t be in the Ashton Kutcher – Steve Jobs bio movie. I’d hate to see a reunion of him, Fez, Hyde and Foreman sitting around a circle again talking jibberish!

    1. Well, Buster, I didn’t smoke weed or drop acid in California.
      They will give you a ticket for doing that kind of stuff!!!
      (Which is exactly why I did it in Texas….)

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