Apple’s WWDC bonanza: New Retina display Macs, iOS 6, OS X Mountain Lion, Apple Maps and more expected today

“Apple will use the Worldwide Developers Conference starting today in San Francisco to debut Mac computers with high- definition screens, as well as features for the software that powers its iPhone and iPad,” Adam Satariano reports for Bloomberg. “The success of Apple’s App Store has helped create an economy for downloading mobile applications that will reach $58 billion in sales in 2014, according to Gartner Inc. More than 25 billion apps have been downloaded from Apple’s store, and developers have received $4 billion from the sales, according to Cupertino, California-based Apple.”

“At this week’s event, Apple will probably signal a bigger screen for the next iPhone, its best-selling product, by telling developers to write future applications that can work on a larger surface, said Andy Hargreaves, an analyst at Pacific Crest Securities Inc. in Portland, Oregon,” Satariano reports. “Apple also plans to announce a deal that lets users quickly post pictures and other content from phones and tablets to the profiles on Facebook Inc.’s social network, people with knowledge of the matter said.”

Satariano reports, “Last year’s event, where co-founder Steve Jobs introduced Apple’s iCloud service, was the last Apple event he led before he died in October… This year’s conference, running June 11-15, will give Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook a chance to outline his vision for why developers should continue to build for Apple rather than competitors, said Carl Howe, an analyst at Yankee Group… Apple will use the event to introduce a new mapping application that would replace Google Maps, which it has used since 2007, a person familiar with the plans said… At today’s event, Cook and other Apple executives also will showcase the latest lineup of Mac computers, including MacBook Pro laptops that will sport high-definition screens and speedier chips made by Intel Corp, people familiar with the plans said last month.

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  1. This is nuts. Why is everyone expecting so much from one keynote? I sense a big disappointment in our future.
    I would love to see it all be true but I think a bunch of people need to get realistic about this.

    1. On the hand why delay these announcements, software and hardware? Yeah I’m afraid we won’t have as much icing on our fruity cake as surmised either. Won’t be long until we know now.

    2. Well said! No company cann afford to roll out all of it’s new products and enhancements in on shot as it puts too much pressure on the consumer market in terms of it continuing to be ale to support you if you end up stagnant for any length of time as you continue to try to stay on top of your competitors.
      The biggest commercial time period is Chritsmas hence they will hold back on some releases until then. Running a tech co is OT rocket science and Apple does very well by way of their logic when it comes to strategy to release new products. Do not think for a second that they are overlooking the global economic climate and ow this can impact the consumer’s motivation to continue to upgrade. I am a perfect example of this as while I can afford it I would not upgrade my 2011 MBA 13 for a retina display as I already have to dummy down the display on both the MBA and my 27″ TBolt display for a lot of apps failing which I need a microscope to make out the font.

      I am thinking that OS6, 7″ iPad and maybe a new 15 inch MBP and possibly a new Mac Mini with horsepower.


  2. Why is it so much? With stiff competition, a good announcement is absolutely needed… They keep feeding us slim pickings, and the hungry will seek a feast.. The GSIII anyone?

    1. what? Stiff competition! Nope, not seeing that. With Apple’s lead, they could just have a celebration this time out; everyone knows that their development pipeline is full and at present their products are light years ahead of the competition.

  3. “Apple will use the Worldwide Developers Conference starting today in San Francisco to debut Mac computers with high- definition screens,…”

    Finally, HD is coming to Macintosh!

    We’ve seen the roll out of hi-def televisions for years and now at long last we’re finally getting HD on our Macs!

    In your face, Dell! Yeah! Get some!

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