Apple WWDC preview: What the analysts are saying

“Apole’s World Wide Developers Conference — its only remaining public event not explicitly linked to a product announcement — is set to open in San Francisco Monday, and several analysts issued notes Friday telling their clients what to expect,” Philip Elmer-DeWitt reprots for Fortune.

• Merrill Lynch’s Scott Craig: Clockwork-like software innovation is often overlooked.
• Janney Capital Markets’ Bill Choi: Ecosystem and Mac To Be Focus.
• Evercore’s Robert Cihra: Prepping for platform war.
• Wedbush’s Scott Sutherland: Remain Positive Ahead of Product Catalysts.
• JMP’s Alex Gauna: Bar set reasonably low for Apple to upside surprise in one form or another

Much more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]


  1. Apple is tightening the bolts of the ecosystem. From things like iWork, iCloud, TimeMachine, Apple TV. Little details and compatibility that are often overlooked. Steps to obsolete the filesystem. Steps to obsolete do-it-yourself backup.

    Mountain Lion is going to be huge. Stealthily important.

  2. My dream list (not for me, but rather for my impression of apple):
    – new Mac Pro that blow the lid off!
    – no iPhone (yet)
    – no Apple TV (yet)
    – awesome details for Mountain Lion
    – iOS 6 (please kill double-press-home!)
    – new MacBook lineup, just MacBook 11, 13, 15 all Air Style

  3. “WWDC… public event…” Uh no. Even if your initials are NDA you’re not getting in without being a registered developer and paying your registration fee. Having press credentials helps, but only into the keynote, and even then it’s limited.

  4. JMP’s Alex Gauna’s full comments suggests he thinks the most important thing about the WWDC is setting up the release of the next iPhone. Please don’t let this come true. If so, it will be the most disappointing Apple event for me I can ever remember.

  5. That is the most generic and useless set of predictions I have ever seen.

    Let me try. Apple will parade new sets of info and products.

    It’s like I am Kreskin

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