Apple to introduce TV SDK at WWDC, says source

“We have heard from a source that Apple will be introducing a TV SDK at WWDC next week,” Jonathan S. Geller reports for BGR.

“This would enable third-party developers to create software for Apple’s TV products,” Geller reports.

“BGR reported late last month that Apple has plans to demonstrate an all new TV operating system during its WWDC keynote next week,” Geller reports.

For more information, read BGR’s WWDC 2012 article here.

MacDailyNews Take:

“Content producers should get to work then on producing their own apps… We’ll make a folder of them on our iOS devices and it’ll look and act just like the channel lineup in the cable companies’ iPad apps.” – MacDailyNews Take, April 11, 2011

Even better than regular iOS folders would be a master app (think iTunes) that would allow up to create our own “channel” lineups, guides, favorites, etc.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Ellis D.” for the heads up.]


  1. An app *like* iTunes would make sense, but iTunes is in desperate need of a complete rethink and overhaul that they’d best not shoe-horn in yet-another entire class of functionality. iTunes is THE app that let Microsoft to the conclusion that it’s okay to bolt entirely new interfaces on top of old crustiness.

  2. Now if each App that was deployed to an Apple TV had to publish a content API so that the OS could take a peak at every app and decide which one is the owner of say Lost or Breaking Bad and then allow the user to simply search/Siri for said program and have the appropriate content app (gatekeeper) return the content with accompanying advertising (content I never pay attention to) that would be neat!

      1. LOL. But I am thinking that this will be one of the 2 hour ones. Despite the plethora of awesomeness, people will still bitch and moan that their own personal pet peeve wasn’t addressed.

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