Matthew Modine to play John Sculley, Josh Gad to play Woz in Ashton Kutcher ‘jOBS’ bioflick

“Matthew Modine will appear in the Steve Jobs biopic jOBS alongside Ashton Kutcher,” Laura Hertzfeld reports for Entertainment Weekly.

“Modine will play former Pepsi-Cola CEO John Sculley, whom Jobs recruited to lead Apple in 1983,” Hertzfeld reports. “It was previously announced that The Book of Mormon star Josh Gad will also join the cast as Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak in the film, due out this fall.”

Read more in the full article here.

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  1. So, we’ll have two ‘Jobs’ movies coming out within less than a year of each other. I can’t think of any other person in history whose death prompted two biopics.

    I’ll likely watch this one on cable, but I may be much more curious about Sorkin’s script for Sony and whatever they end up doing with it.

    1. Giamatti is too articulate and intelligent an actor to play Woz. Woz has that sort of idiot savant kind of personality we see in some people who are genius but socially inept.

      1. After having looked at that IMDB entry, I’ll repeat the original question:

        Who the he11 is Josh Gad???

        (The obvious point of the original question not being “how do I find out who this is?” but “Who in their sane mind casts a total unknown for a major supporting role in a prominent biopic???”)

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