iOS 6 to feature system-wide Facebook integration, including ‘Liking’ App Store apps

“We heard many weeks ago that Apple and Facebook engineers were working in collaboration on implementing some sort of integration of Facebook into iOS 6,” Mark Gurman reports for 9to5Mac. “Simultaneously, Apple and Facebook executives were discussing the terms of the deal and exactly how Facebook would be integrated into iOS 6.”

“According to sources familiar with the Facebook integration into iOS 6, the integration will be very similar to Twitter’s integration that launched with iOS 5,” Gurman reports. “The integration’s biggest presence will be in the iOS Photos application. Like you are able to send photos to Twitter from the Photos application, you will be able to post photos to Facebook.”

Gurman reports, “Besides content sharing, Apple is also relying on Facebook for a big new social change for the built-in App Store: a feature called ‘App Liking.'”

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    1. I hope this can be turned off completely, i.e. we can be sure the malware sends nothing to fb or anyone, otherwise it owuld render my device useless, because I would not be able to put any real info in it anywhere.

      Why does Apple feel the need to give other companies this level of access to our devices anyway? And why do the intelligent people always end up having to put up with violations of their privacy (or at least have to do loads of work to undo them) just to make life easier for the zombies?

  1. I think a lot of folks here are out of touch regarding the usefulness of FB. When you want to share kid pictures or family updates nothing beats Facebook — it’s opt in, useful, easy to use and powerful.

    1. And alot of folks are out of touch regarding the incredible amount of time they waste exchanging utter trivialities on Facebook every day. Different strokes for different folks.

      1. Yeah, I agree. Think about all the time you waste every day talking to people, and sharing stories, speaking on the phone, texting and catching up while building relations. A total waste! Until we’re all project-focused cyborgs we really are lost and missing the boat on True productivity. I know! Let’s cut out people’s tongues and make them wear blinders like workhorses! You could be the guy to make that work, you visionary, you.

          1. the irony of you posting here while saying that is pretty hilarious.

            yes. you are as clueless as you sound, and the best part is the lack of realization of that fact. on your part. omalansky as well. you two should start up

  2. To any Apple employee lurkers:
    1- I don’t do FarceBook and don’t do software that forces me to. Let me disable the shit or this is where I get off the Apple train.
    2- Update the effing Mac Pro or tell us you have no intention to.

    1. As for #2 Apple has always been the company that doesn’t let out a peep about there new products. Things get leaked on and off. But Apple isn’t the company to tell the public wether or not a refresh is coming. If it is coming you can expect to see it at WWDC in all of 7 days. Slow the fuck down and wait.

  3. Hmm. It seems that a new war is shaping up—between those who like and use social networking and those who loathe it.

    I’ll miss the old wars. Those were the days!

    1. Hey, we all do social networking, on and off the internet. The debate is more about whether we use tools we can control or things like facebook, whose recently bailed-out owner said his users were ‘stupid fscks’ for giving him their private information.

      There are plenty of other tools out there we use for ‘social networking’ and those of us who value our right to choose resent having things already ‘integrated’ for us.

      I prefer to use ‘networking services’ where I am the customer, not the product, The gullible and simply lazy are welcome to whatever, but don’t give me this ‘opt-out’ shite, just to make it even easier for the marketers of personal info, to my disadvantage, on a device I am paying for. If FB wants integration with my device, let them pay for it.

  4. Well Facebook has been gone from my life since the big Goldman Sachs cash investment. Not willing to have my likes and dislikes sold to advertisers-and I own an ad agency!
    If this thing is intrusive or required…maybe time to hop off the iOS bandwagon. And yea-we need a new Mac Pro-NOW!!!!

  5. If it’s as unobtrusive as the Twitter integration in iOS 5, I’m okay with that. Until the article reminded me, I had actually forgotten Twitter was integrated with iOS 5. Never remember seeing it, have certainly never used it. So if the Facebook integration matches that, that’s fine.

  6. Yeah, i don’t use or want Facebook anything in my life and especially in iOS.

    Apple, please leave these as apps only. I don’t want it in my face.

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