Ivy Bridge vs Sandy Bridge Benchmarks + the Mac upgrades (with video)

Insanely Great Mac takes a look at “how the new Ivy Bridge CPUs look to match up to Intel’s previous generation Sandy Bridge platform. Benchmarks include both stock and overclocked Core i7 3770K and Core i7 2600K.”

Plus a look at how the new chips may affect the next round of Mac upgrades:

Via Insanely Great Mac


  1. Will a retina display on an 11.6″ MBA help if you already squint a little to see that sized screen? Will the “sharper” image reduce eye strain even a little bit? Just wondering.

    1. Eye strain involves several factors. The high resolution of Retina displays isn’t going to help if your eyes can’t focus on and resolve what is on screen. Most typically that means font characters.

      The ideal viewing distance for an 11.6″ display is 11.6″ away from the screen. That’s rather close. The objects on screen are relatively small. That distance may well be closer than your eyes are able to focus.

      As I’ve aged, I’ve found simple and cheap magnifying glasses to be extremely helpful. Check with your optometrist.

  2. There you go folks, this is the real reason that Apple hasn’t been rushing to get a new Mac Pro or MacBook Pro released: because Intel is delivering very little new benefits.

    – Integrated graphics is of little or no interest to pro users – and no one wants to pay for integrated crap they won’t use
    – Thunderbolt > USB 3.0
    – overclocking a Sandy Bridge processor will achieve about the same performance as the same priced Ivy Bridge

    So, who is willing to buy a whole new computer to achieve a bump in bus speed?

    Apple needs to upgrade its Mac lineup, but it should be doing so when there is reason to do so — and get on the ball with graphics upgradeability.

    1. “So, who is willing to buy a whole new computer to achieve a bump in bus speed?”

      For me, the speed comparison isn’t between old and new Macbook Pros, but the Air and a new Pro.  (I now have an Air.)

      Yes, I could replace my Macbook Air with today’s (old) Pro, but I’m hoping the new Pro will be lighter and thinner than the current generation of Pros. That’s what the rumors say.

      Alternatively, I would buy a new Macbook Air if Apple would give it the new Intel processor and a faster bus.

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