Google ups ante in patent fight with Microsoft, Nokia

“Google is wasting no time attacking Microsoft now that the Android operating system maker has finalized its purchase of Motorola, an Android device maker that has been embroiled in patent lawsuits with Microsoft for two years,” Emily Parkhurst reports for Puget Sound Business Journal.

“Google has filed a complaint with the European Union accusing Microsoft and Nokia of anti-competitive practices, saying the companies are trying to drive up prices on Android smartphones,” Parkhurst reports. “‘Nokia and Microsoft are colluding to raise the costs of mobile devices for consumers, creating patent trolls that side-step promises both companies have made,’ Google said in a statement.”

Parkhurst reports, “Google’s complaint is not legally binding, but may set the stage for a high-profile battle over standards-essential patents, which are patents that cover technology everyone uses that the patent holders typically license for very low rates.”

Read more in the full article here.


  1. I never thought I’d end up “rooting” for Microsoft against anyone else, but Google has upped the ante. I just can’t imagine a more despicable company than Google right now. Hey Ballmer, throw that chair at Page’s head.

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