Analyst Katie Huberty: Microsoft to pass Android, grab no. 2 spot in tablets behind Apple

“Morgan Stanley analyst Kathryn Huberty upped her sales projections for the tablet computer market Thursday, and argued that Microsoft will grab the number two spot in the market, after Apple iPad and ahead of tablets running Google‘s Android software, with the launch of Windows 8 later this year,” Brian Caulfield reports for Forbes.

“Huberty and the tech team at Morgan Stanley are now estimating shipments of 133 million tablets in 2012, up 57% from their original estimates; and 216 million tablets in 2013, up 112%,” Caulfield reports. “The bold call: Microsoft will grab a substantial chunk of the market with the introduction of Windows 8 later this year. ‘Our survey suggests 25% of users expect to buy Windows 8 tablet and Office is a key feature, especially for those considering their first tablet purchase,’ Huberty and her team wrote in an analysis of the market released Thursday.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Which is why, for Microsoft, Office for iPad is a catch-22. Damned if they do, damned if they don’t. How much do you want to bet that Office for iPad, if released, will be a dumbed-down version à la Office for the Mac?

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  1. I also have a hunch that Microsoft may want to hedge their bets in case Windows 8 is a flop and that Office be available for Windows, iOS, and Android to see which will be the winner. No doubt that they will dumb down the iOS and Android version. But personally I don’t see Apple or Goole giving 2 hoots about Microsoft’s Office when there are choices already for the 2 mentioned platforms. Guess we will just have to wait and see.

  2. OK Katie,

    First, your survey doesn’t mean shit if MS produces a product that is crap (they’ve been known to do that). Second, do you really think MS is going to create a product that isn’t 5 years behind the newest iPad and compete either in functionality, apps, performance or price and people will willfully buy it just because it’s made by MS and love and trust them?

    Damn, I was really liking your presentation and was impressed until that comment.

    It was up, up, up……….nose dive…..shit.

  3. I for one cannot wait until MS releases Office for the iPad. Based on MS’s inability to do anything simple and elagant, Office for the iPad is sure to be a bloated whale POS.

  4. I can believe it. But it would sort of be like SanDisk passing Creative to “grab the no. 2 spot” behind Apple’s iPod in media players… mostly irrelevant, in the big picture.

  5. I’ll never understand how analysts can call some future trends without a product never having touched consumers’ hands or without any pricing information. The whole idea of running Windows 8 on a a thin tablet eludes me. I’m still thinking that older, standard Windows desktop applications would overwhelm the smallish built-in memory and processor of a tablet. Maybe I’m just missing the big picture but would consumers really enjoy running Creative Suite 6 or Microsoft Office on a tablet.

  6. This will never happen because Microsoft can’t bring itself to develop strictly a mobile OS for its tablets to run. It keeps believing it can create some Frankenstein-Prius hybrid OS, and such a thing will make the tablet experience unbearable.

    Office for iPad or Windows tablet will be a monstrous failure. Microsoft can’t bring itself to limit the bells and whistles to create a streamlined set of apps that run well rather than something that tries to do everything a desktop suite does.

  7. Katie, Katie, Katie, Apple makes tablets, Samsung makes tablets, Amazon makes tablets, Motorola makes tablets, many companies make tablets.

    Katie, Microsoft does not make tablets. They may grab second place in the tablet OS market, but they won’t make second place in the tablet market.

    1. M$ may take first place in the ‘Tablet OS’ market. Apple makes iPads-it defined the category. All others make ‘Tablets’ that remains a category still undefined. Apple is sitting pretty while all others are like cats in a bag fighting to get out. 🙂

  8. What’s your beef with Office for Mac? True, it’s miles from the elegant experience of Pages, but at least it still has a menu, unlike the Windows version, where I often spend half an hour working out where in the #€+{¥$% ribbon they hid even the most basic functions.

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