Did Apple CEO Tim Cook rule out iPhone 5 with 4-inch screen?

“Apple’s chief executive Tim Cook has ruled out a 4-inch screen on the next-generation iPhone,” Zack Whittaker reports for ZDNet.

Whittaker reports, “He reportedly said, according to The Verge who transcribed the entire conversation, speaking at the D:10 conference (emphasis mine): ‘One thing is that we’re not fragmented. Look at the percentage of users who upgraded to iOS 5. We have one App Store. We have one phone with one screen size, one resolution. So it’s pretty simple if you’re a developer.'”

“And that was it,” Whittaker concludes.

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MacDailyNews Take: If Cook was speaking of the current lineup (which is really three iPhone models, by the way), where exactly did he rule out what could happen in the future?

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]


  1. While people talk about bigger screen size, Appe’s physical iPhone size and form is perfectly sized to fit in any average size pocket and hand .Watching oversized clumsy Android phones and users trying to use their slates as cameras or compactly stuff them into pockets (No Fit), is hilarious.

    1. exactly.
      As I said before, I hav a samesung galaxy player 5 (was cheap and I wanted to hack android) using it with one hand… Is a contortion filled experience. iPhone I can touch all corners of the screen easy with my thumb without any contortions.
      4″ may be the biggest screen size that the average person can do that with.

    2. True. That is very important to me. Try fitting a Note in your jeans pocket and do some work around the house. Unless you are wearing skater pants or are into the thug look..it ain’t going to happen.

      Even the iPhone 4-4s square design is less than ideal for the pocket. Bring back the tapered back!!!

      1. I doubt we’ll get the tapered back with the new iPhone, since it restricts the volume available to fit components inside.

        I do prefer the tapered hold of my old 3GS to my 4S. The 4S is not as comfortable to hold while reading in bed on my side.

        (yes, reading–get ye head out of the gutter!)

    3. Finally someone gets it… There’s more that goes into the design than just the end result of screen size. At least in Apple’s world there is.

      And no, they won’t get rid of the Home button in favor of a virtual one. It’s there for other reasons than “going home”, like restarting a frozen device.

  2. If only the height of the screen will be increased, then it will not create fragmentation. Software will be still designed for 960 x 640 resolution, while additional vertical pixels could be used to newly suggested (in iOS 6) widgets, status information, task switching, and, more importantly, for web browsing, video and photo viewing, so on. Those are OS-only functions.

  3. “MacDailyNews Take: If Cook was speaking of the current lineup (which is really three iPhone models, by the way), where did he rule out what could happen in the future?”

    In the future the iPhone will be a skull cap. To use it all you have to do is think it. Unfortunately, because Apple only makes one model, it won’t fit properly on more than 9% of users.

    1. So you’ve missed the hi-res photos of iPhones and parts with a 4″ diagonal 16:9 screen, then? Along with a photo of a replacement Touch screen the same size. The level of detail of the inside of the main frame were pretty convincing to me.
      Why are you so sure there won’t be a 4″ iPhone? It won’t be an unmanageable brick of a phone, so what’s the problem?

      1. Because it’s against everything Apple stands for: no fragmentation, easy for developers, better to use with a thumb and I do not see any advantages. Only problems to overcome.
        I’ve seen so many mockups all these years, I’m not easily impressed with socalled spy photos and unnamed reliable sources.

  4. He did not! I don’t think what Tim said concludes anything especially about future products. We all know he won’t comment about future unreleased products as well. So what Tim said doesn’t mean anything.

  5. Easy explanation; there will be one resolution for the iPhone, which will be the 4 inch resolution, and all apps in the store will have to be updated for it, and eventually the old iPhones will he phased out and iPhone 6 and iPhone 7 will be 4 inches too.

  6. > We have one phone with one screen size, one resolution.

    > MDN Take: If Cook was speaking of the current lineup (which is really three iPhone models, by the way)…

    Plus, that’s not even true for the current line-up. Having the Retina Display, plus the original resolution on older iPhones (including the still in-production iPhone 3GS) is itself a small bit of fragmentation that developers had to deal with two years ago.

    Another small bit of fragmentation to achieve a 4-inch screen would be to keep the current 640-pixel screen width (and physical size), but increase the height to make it “widescreen” when the iPhone is held horizontally. Old apps (and new apps that are not updated for “widescreen mode”) would operate exactly as before. This screen change would also allow the next iPhone to retain mostly the same physical dimensions (except maybe get even thinner).

  7. Screen size isn’t the only thing that causes fragmentation. Lots of different manufacturers with lots of different carriers tinkering around with the OS create a nightmare for developers. I bet Android developers wish screen size was the only factor.

  8. I hate the small screen and so does everyone else. They just won’t admit it. Too much happens on the iPhone. Typing with small buttons sucks. Everyone will offer retina display next year. Big deal Who cares. Fanboy-itis. “hey check out my new small screen. Only $500.00 It’s for the developers who like small screens. Sooo cool. !!! ” While samsuck & android makes it happen No big screen and the stock sinks. Bet??!

  9. If the smallest screen is soooo cool how about smaller!?!?! Just make the magnifying glass thing more powerful. Can the developers handle that? You want an idea. How about a retractable headset like the powercord on a vacumn, so the horrible sticky headset won’t turn into mess EVERY time you use it which nobody talks about.

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