Absinthe 2.0 jailbreaks most iDevices running iOS 5.1.1

“The untethered jailbreak Absinthe v2.0 debuted on Friday with compatibility for almost all devices powered by Apple’s A4 and A5 processors running the latest iOS 5.1.1 firmware, and is the first solution to unlock the new iPad,” AppleInsider reports.

“Currently, the iOS 5.1.1-only jailbreak can be applied to nearly all iPads, the iPhone 3G, 4 and 4S, third and fourth generation iPod touch media players, and the second-generation Apple TV. Support for the new 8GB iPad 2, which features a custom-designed A5 chip, will be available soon though the team notes that Apple TV compatibility will not be included in the version 2.0 build,” AppleInsider reports. “Friday’s announcement saw such high levels of interest that the Cydia app store became overloaded with a flood of new users.”

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  1. what exactly is the point other than to feel super smart that you can follow simple instructions of someone who spent months doing the real work

    1. after having the world of features jailbreaking allows its hard to go back to virgin iOS. The POINT is, those of us jail broken people who need those features can now update to 5.1.1 and not lose functionality

      1. Meh. I jailbroke mine and didn’t find anything exciting enough to justify the time and effort. Seemed a big waste of resources, to me.

        I’m with the crowd that believes “geeks do it to be geeky”.

        1. Ah you are missing the big draw in jail breaking, it allows you to steal others work.

          As someone who make their living producing copyrighted material, I say; copying others copyrighted work without paying what they ask is steeling. You can’t justify it (“I wouldn’t have bought it anyway so the developer isn’t loosing anything” or the ever popular “I’m just truing it out and if I really like it I am going to buy it” (Shhuurrre… you are) or the justification that the developer makes so much money he doesn’t really need your $5) If you “obtain” software via jail breaking you are a thief, plain and simple.

          When ever I put a “jailbreaker” on the spot they tell me they did it to “load or configure UI elements” that you can’t on a stock iPhone. Give me a break… I’m willing to wager a fair chuck of change that if you looked over the phone’s of 100 random jail broken phones better then 95% would have stolen software on them.

          Sadly we seem to have produced a generation (or two) of digital thieves who have little or no conscience or remorse about doing so.

    2. You sir, are clearly not the intended demographic.

      I have many reason for jailbreaking, and I am excited for this release.

      My thanks to all whoake it possible!

  2. It’s too unreliable anyway–what with broken iTunes Match or failed first attempt, it’s just a schlopped together hack that’s really not quality… hence it never made it as a finished product on the real market. It’s just schlopped together crap. Just because you can get a new interface does not mean it’s a superior interface. It’s just different, but the pain is too much.

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